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5 Ways to Appreciate Life’s Moments

Life can get crazy. I know that you know this already. Some of us get so wrapped up in our problems and fears that it seems impossible to notice simple things like the name of the store clerk helping you find something, or the colour of that traffic light you just went through.

Hopefully it was green, but if it wasn’t, I wish you a speedy recovery.

There is no easy way to change your mindset. It takes determination and a strong desire to want to be different. In helping you on your journey, here are my…

5 Ways to Appreciate the Little Moments in Life

7 Ways to be Present in Everyday Moments

Being present in everyday life is like showing up to an important event. The sights and the sounds of an experience can be missed when you are not paying attention to them. When the event is over, you can be left feeling like you weren’t really a part of anything, or that your life is passing you by.

Seize those moments with a vice-like grip. Don’t get lost in your own thoughts. Wake up and stop ignoring the possibility of having the life you are dreaming of.

Here are my..

7 Ways to be Present in Everyday Moments

3 Reasons Why My Best Concepts Exist on Cheap Canvas

As you get to know me, (or if you already know me), it becomes evident that I get a kick out of frugal living. I enjoy finding life hacks that save me cash, or save the environment from accumulating more garbage. If I can accomplish both at once, I will have a smile on my face to last all day.

To save on production costs, I enjoy making my own art canvas. I have the advantage of tools and a space to do the work- so this definitely helps me to carry out my artistic passions.

I call it my “cheap canvas” because I am able to spend less money on materials than the cost of buying a similar size of canvas at the art store. When I create artwork on my cheap canvas, I am surprised by the results I arrive at. I believe that…

My best concepts as an artist exist on cheap canvas, and here are my three reasons…

5 Reasons why happiness is a choice

Positivity is something that I talk about a lot in my life. I speak about it so much because it has worked to help me through very dark times in my life. I recall a conversation with my surgeon in 2012 (pre-operation). He told me that the biggest determining factor between cancer survivors and those who do not survive, is an outlook of hopefulness and positivity. I survived, so I believe that it is a beneficial practice.

Being positive can lead you on a direct path to happiness; and by happiness I mean a general contentment with the here and now. To be happy does not mean that you must be ignorant to suffering; however, even in moments of loss, we can still appreciate and have gratitude for what remains.

Here are my…

5 Reasons why happiness is a choice

YouTube: 4 Observations About the Creative Process

The creative process is one that can be piloted with ease by some, but prove to elude others. There are times when the end of a project cannot come fast enough, and the creative process drags on and on.
Here are four observations about the creative process that will allow you to see things in a different light, and hopefully to improve in the way that you start and finish your passion projects.

3 Signs that it is time to leave your job and pursue your passions

The Pandemic of 2020 has shown many of us that life can be incredibly short. The lives we have become accustomed to can change rapidly, and on a macro scale. For some, this has led to the revelation that the life they are leading may not be sustainable in the long run. If you are experiencing any of these following signs, it may be time to leave your unhappy job and pursue a passion, or a lifestyle that will bring you more satisfaction.