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Submerged Gold Underwater: Acrylic on Canvas

My latest work is an abstract conception of underwater  (or sunken) gold. 

Abstract Acrylic on Canvas art by Stephanie
Gold Underwater sinking to the deepest of depths.

I have been fortunate enough to take a dearly needed vacation and created this during my time away from work. 

This is a modest 12 x 24 inch portrait style original work, that features intense contrasts of deep blue and gold. The idea that I worked with was to have blue waves engulf gold as it sunk deep underwater.  

The image is a passive commentary on the notion of sunken treasure and opportunities that are out of reach, but still visible. 

Much of my art is conceptual, abstract, and utterly beautiful to the eyes of a kindred be holder. I’ve received a lot of interesting feedback on my technique and style from people; and the ultimate response is that I should keep on going!

I think 800 is a nice number for a lifetime goal of art work… ;) 

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How I became a model for my designer fashions 

I recently took some photos to model new apron designs for my Etsy shop. New designs mean new potential customers, and so fresh photos are integral to making sales and showing off product. Since I don’t have many people nearby who appeal to my target customer base to model for me, I must be my own model.

I don’t mind however, as I have recently learned that knowing how to operate your business from start to finish, and having experience with the day to day operation is often referred to as “full stack”. What that means for me is that I design the apron, draft the pattern, construct and finish each apron, model photos, complete photography and editing and also sell and ship to buyers.  I suppose one day I will need to delegate some of these duties to other people that I will need to hire; but, a huge asset will be for me to know how the task is done myself.

I have a basic mannequin to showcase my designs, but I think that a human model is a better at showcasing the “fit” of garments for many reasons. One particular reason is, unlike a mannequin the human body has more curves and is less perfect than a factory made representation. I think that it is important to capture this imperfection when it comes to sexy designs such as the ones in the LillyBoChic line. We have all seen Victoria Secret ads, so I think I can be different from that fake and unattainable ideal. 

Also, the head and arms are missing from my mannequin, so the ability for a potential buyer to imagine themselves in the item is diminished. I love the pose where a woman puts her hands on her hips and accentuates the hourglass shape we all know and love. My mannequin can’t do that. 

Taking photos of myself in my designs pose significant challenges. One of which is that I do not have a tripod capable of holding my only functioning camera (which is my smartphone currently). After hair and makeup, I undergo a tricky exercise of balancing my camera at an angle that captures a particular area (usually in front of a nice background in my house), and using the self-capture setting I take burst photos of myself that often turn out quite well. For the photos that do not turn out well, I use Photoshop to enhance and crop as needed- but never to augment particulars like size or shapes a la Kardashian fame.

It is not ideal, but so far I believe it has improved my online presence to have candid photos of a model (me) wearing my apron designs. I have posted these photos on Tumblr with links to my Etsy listings, and save the best shots for the Etsy listings themselves. Some of the best responses to my photos have also been from pinning on Pinterest (a program that I absolutely adore).

Stephanie models sexy apron
Modeling my designs
Stephanie modeling designs in cream and white

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A Knit Dress 

A few years ago I bought a vintage Sonia Rykiel dress that fit me perfectly, but was a little short.

The design of the dress is a knitted sweater fabric with a high collar and short sleeves.

I decided to  copy the design and make a similar dress.

I took measurements of my body (bust, waist, hips and desired length) and used these as guidelines. I always do this to ensure that the pattern I will draft from the garment will not be too small. 

I drafted the shape of the dress in the first piece of my patter without the sleeve or neck collar- I think it is important to draft these separately so that the recreated design is true to the original garment’s construction. 

Since the original dress is a knit- I was careful to select a material that had some stretch. The Rayon floral print I chose had a bit of lycra woven into it, so it had the stretch I was hoping for. 


The final product is as follows:


I like the way the project turned out- although I am not pleased with the zipper I installed in the back. I hate zippers.

They rarely work for me, and I frequently end up with bulky zipper seams that pop up and look terrible to me- but of course in order to become good at installing zippers, I have to install many more zippers. 

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A Heart Floats: a poem

A Heart Floats

Sometimes there is no attraction.

Sometimes the eyes do not lock.

Sometimes there is no mutual smile.

No blush, extra heart beat or shock.

A heart floats around life, like in a party,

With a glass, empty, wanting to be filled.

Seeking another heart that holds a bottle of nectar

To be shared between beautiful friends.

In between those times we live.

Often thinking of opportunities missed.

Hoping fate will smile upon us,

allowing the two hearts to be joined again.

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Trim, Bias Tape,and Ric Rac 


While visiting my supplier, I saw this vibrant 100 percent cotton material. The patterns were to die for, so I decided to make 2 centimeter wide double folded bias tape; or  trim as it is also called.
I made lots of bias tape. How much did I make, you ask? 4000 centimeters or 40 meters. 

Each package has 4 meters- a generous amount because double fold bias tape is normally sold in 2.75 meter packages.

Speaking of which, those packages usually have boring and plain colours. If your are a forward thinking designer, trim patterns with eye catching designs and colours can really take a project to the next level; and for some, that little extra pizzazz can be the difference between a customer that browses, and a customer that buys.

You can check out this item in my etsy shop here🙂

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Experimenting with cotton overlay

On a recent trip to the store to pick up sewing supplies I came across a lovely cotton material with subtle floral outlines embroidered over top a slightly sheer background. The material was very delicate, and so my design incorporated the sheer cotton with a polyester nude/khaki backing.


The feminine shape of my designs allow for immense variation in the types of materials I use. In this instance, by using a sheer off-white cotton overlay overtop of a nude/ khaki backing the femininity of the piece is able to show through beautifully. It is a subtly sexy and demure apron concept that is a perfect addition to my LillyBoChic design line.


I constructed three aprons in the same way. First I drafted and cut out the shapes of each piece with the nude/khaki material, then copy the shape of the cut material with the cotton sheer overlay. I did it this way to avoid my all too common mistake of cutting an overlay piece too small to properly cover its backing.

Once both pieces are properly cut and pinned together I joined them with my Janome Serger. This method is not necessary, as I have often just sewed the two pieces, but I found that by using the serger I do not get “puckered” edges as often (the garment lays flat); and also the construction is much faster. Regardless of how the two pieces are joined, I prefer to finish the edges with a clean run of bias tape to make the piece look cleaner and more professional.

You can see these and other designs in my Etsy. com store here

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Japanese Silk refresh

Thanks for visiting my page today. I was wrapped up in the United States election for days and I feel like the fog is clearing on that subject for me now.

 So let’s discuss my latest work.

Silver silk blouse sleeveless
Japanese Silk Blouse

My retro inspired ladies blouse is a refresh from an earlier design. In the old design, I experimented with draping techniques to have a bust with generous space. 

In this redesign, I’ve taken in the bust, and added sleeves and a shaped neckline. 

The material is so smooth. I imported the material from a supplier in Japan, so it is truly unique. I think the colour is somewhere between a pewter and silver colour. 

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