Gold acrylic triangle with black

My latest 10 x 10 inch// 25 x 25 cm acrylic on canvas continues my study of singular-focused images against black negative space. This piece features a heavily textured triangle shape that is entirely golden.

Gold triangle against black acrylic
Gold angles by Stephanie Konu

Gold light

I took photos of in the light, and so the shine of the black acrylic paint allows the viewer to also see raised texture floating in the blackness. Here (below) is a shot with the brightness turned down, and the contrast brought up to maximum. The painting has a much sexier look with the adjustments- and I think I will (one day) invest in the services of a professional photographer to capture my work.

What a haunting image

The intent behind this piece was to depict the fading light of a distant dying star. The glow is homogeneous and the texture is as even as I could apply it. It reminds me of a ghostly appiration. Something emerging from the darkness that has an unknown origin.

If I could change something about this piece, it would be the lack of clean and sharp lines. I will work on honing my sculpture skills in the next piece. This style needs to be explored, and I have quite a few ideas I’m very excited to implement.

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Blue and Silver Acrylic on Black

My latest 10 x 10 inch // 25 cm x 25 cm piece is an acrylic on canvas, with blue and silver blended over a black negative space. I have been having strong desires to paint with black negative space, (or white), and focusing on depicting experiences that float over darkness like an echo. Deep stuff. What makes the concept special to me, is that I have been able to capture a sweet spot in my backyard garden that with the correct sunlight, my work dazzles!

blue and silver acrylic painting with deep black background
Stephanie Konu 2019

My latest piece depicts a somber breath. There is loneliness in the encroaching darkness, and so the heart of the blue ethereal field burns in a white silver light.

blue and silver acrylic painting with deep black background
Stephanie Konu 2019

The silver heart center does, interestingly enough, seem to emerge as a lopsided heart. Or Maybe at least a lung.

This piece has an ultra calming vibe to it. I feel so relaxed when I lay my eyes on it. I am really happy with the deep black background, as I think it brings more focus to the heart of the painting.

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Cotton Candy Pink and Gold

My latest work is a small 12 x 7 inch acrylic on canvas featuring pink and gold.

Pink, magenta, gold inkblot bright colour with white negative space.
Cotton candy Nebula by Stephanie Konu

The white cloud border was applied as an overlay for the background after the entire area was painted.

I used acrylic calcium texture along the borders of this inkblot. I say inkblot because my first choice of using “swoosh” to describe the shape of pink and gold fields atop negative white space did not seem descriptive enough.

Pink, magenta, gold inkblot bright colour with white negative space
Cotton candy Nebula (zoom) by Stephanie Konu

This is one of the first times I have used white as a negative space in my work. I think I avoid it because I always think white space on canvas seems unfinished. Alas, there is so much going on in this piece, that it demands a closer look.

Pink, magenta, gold inkblot bright colour with white negative space
Cotton candy Nebula (zoom) by Stephanie Konu

I frequently see miniature scenelettes in my work. It is a byproduct of my process, and something that I feel passionately about. The feeling of creating where nothing existed before, is thrilling for me.

You can see this piece: Cotton Candy Nebula as a digital print on as part of the newest collection.

Pink, magenta, gold inkblot bright colour with white negative space
Cotton candy Nebula by Stephanie Konu

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Green abstract blended acrylic

My latest acrylic is a calming green abstract.

The colours gradually change with influences of yellow, slate grey, and blue. The borders are a deeper darker forest green. Dark borders represent an encroaching concern. Something that the light must face and fend off in the very near future.

In the top right corner there is a chartreuse (half way between yellow and green) figure that is reminiscent of a sun. It beams down across the abstract landscape. In the heart of the painting, the green blends take on a shape that to me, resemble a bird with wings that is soaring across the sky.

I imagine the lush forest green as the land below the sun. It’s funny, but until I wrote this post, I had not even noticed that this was yet another abstract sun painting. I suppose some things stay hidden in the mind until a stimuli brings them to the forefront. I enjoy playing with green, and I think that the colour has contributed to my artistic strength.

My current mini gallery of green paintings (pictured above) shows how my artwork goes together. Scenes like this are part of what drive me to create. Green is definitely still my favourite colour, and I will continue to use it regularly in my work.

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Horse Head Nebula Abstract Acrylic

My latest acrylic on canvas is an abstract scene inspired by the Horse Head Nebula.

This piece was very labour intensive, but turned out beautifully. My wish is that I could have made it on a larger canvas.

The lower half of the piece is very captivating for me. The blue field is highlighted by neon green and pearlescent violet.

As the colours surge upward, silver stars form medallions of light in the clouds of space dust. In full light, the mix of colour is highly visible.

The piece is perfectly fitting with my unique and very original style.

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Vintage sun painting in acrylic

Greetings from the void!

I have been so busy this past month! I launched my Space Art Tees website to bring my artwork to a wider audience with the help of Shopify. It is a print on demand website that allows admirers of my work to purchase T-shirts and boots designed by yours truly.

I fell into it because I found myself wanting more of a challenge than Etsy has offered these past 2 years. I started my Etsy shop in 2014, and it was really strong in the beginning, but for the amount of work involved in the background maintenance (writing copy, taking photos, packing and shipping, going to the post office, etc etc etc) I was not seeing a good ROI (return on investment). Furthermore, Etsy took quite a bit for their cut, and to be brutally honest: if I have to do 80% of the leg work to bring my product to a customer, then I should see 80% of the returns.

Besides, my passion has alway been to create! Creating beauty is what I want and enjoy spending most of my time on when it comes to my businesses.

..and of course: I love to share my latest projects with you, here on my blog.

My latest work is a gorgeous and understated acrylic on canvas. It depicts a sun that seems to be glowing against a black sky. Rose gold clouds drift upwards and swirl back into themselves.

When I first completed this 6 x 10 inch piece, my initial response was the vintage illustration feel. It reminded me of an illustration one might see in an old car garage or gas station.

It speaks to me like an echo of a memory…something I can’t quite recall. “Vintage” speaks of the past, but not of any specific person’s past. Could I use the term collective consciousness here?


I used many layers to achieve the “glow” of blue around the orange sun, which was essentially part of the underpainting. It has a size that I like to work with as well, since smaller surface area means more risks with techniques/colours. I definitely like the execution of my latest work.

This piece is a dear favorite, and currently hangs unframed in my home.

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Gold, blue and white acrylic

My latest work is entitled: “Father Out Stretch My Hands”. It is an eclecticly blended piece that features navy blue, gold and smoky white.

The abstract image has a “heavenly” feel to it, and reminds me of two hands reaching out over a distance to touch each other. It is not quite as sophisticated as Michaelangelo, but the beauty of art is that what you see is what it is.

I like the meditative aspect of this piece. The swirling texture of acrylic was achieved by using a palette knife to mould the medium rather than my usual pouring technique. There is tranquility emitted in the smokey white clouds as they fly over, and a slight silvery gloss floats over top the gold and navy blue fields.

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