Aprons are getting complicated 

My sister recently offered to sell my apron designs at an upcoming craft show. She is an accomplished jewelry designer, and her work is very popular in the London Area, so when she offered to display my designs alongside her jewelry I jumped at the chance..yes literally jumped and squealed. 

One of my recent designs…

I love complex overlays that are possible with sheer fabrics. This design is very elegant, but has a sexy edge to it. The shape leaves little to the imagination, yet materials display a unique softness that is feminine and very pleasant overall. 

I’m looking forward to helpful feedback from my sister’s show. I hope that this design will be admired, and if not; I hope I will get some great constructive feedback from shoppers so that I can keep learning and developing my designs.  

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Crisp Fall Skies 

Deep blue sky, Heritage building in downtown Hamilton, former federal building

Old Federal building downtown Hamilton Ontario

I’ve mentioned before how much I adore autumn. 

Not only for the cooler temperatures, but I personally believe that the skies are more gorgeous in the fall. I live in Southern Ontario, and I find that the autumn months often have the clearest, most crisp, and deepest blue skies. On top of their clarity, they are often cloudless, so one can see much more of it. 

Above is a nice shot of the old Federal building in Hamilton against a very pretty blue sky, shot at midday in the downtown core. 

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Aprons to Costumes…then Lingere? 

New apron design


Autumn is always a special time of year for me. I enjoy the mild temperatures, the promise of exciting news from the previous season’s adventures, and of course delicious hot drinks. 

I’ve started designing costumes again, and I’m branching out into more diverse and experimental patterns. I am definitely considering fashion illustrations (in my shaky hand) to accompany my costumes. 

I think there is something to be said about the conceptualization  of a design before it’s full actualization. When something is fully thought out and consideration is given to small details, it is pretty obvious in the finished product. 

It’s a positive thing, believe me. 

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Ocean Wave Acrylic 

It took 3 major painting sessions (including many hours) to “get” this. 

It’s an ocean wave. I’ve abstractly expressed the splashing and there is a strong water theme.

There is lots of relief and texture present in this small 6 x 12, and it had a presence that leaps off of the canvas. 

That’s all for now! 


Subtle acrylic blending

My latest piece represents a dream sequence, which suggests that I dream in violet and gold.

This 6 x 12 acrylic on canvas piece definitely captures the uncertainty and mixed expectations often found in dreams. I especially like the marbling effects that are present in the areas where violet/blue meets lighter peach colours.


This is the second of my pieces that I have has the pleasant opportunity to photograph in my backyard among my plush hydrangea plants. Looking at the beautiful shape of the leaves, they add a nice contrast against the colour variety found in this piece, entitled No. 20.

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Lovely green, blue, and aqua acrylic

I have returned to colours like aqua and green in my latest work, called No. 19.

imageIt is summer here in Southern Ontario, which means that my backyard is the perfect location to take full-light photos of my work. The backyard gets full sun for 6+ hours per day (which can make it very very hot during our 30 + degree Celsius weather).

The hydrangea plants serve as a perfect backdrop for smaller pieces. The rich green in the leaves make for an engaging background with lots of depth.



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