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3 Signs that it is time to leave your job and pursue your passions

The Pandemic of 2020 has shown many of us that life can be incredibly short. The lives we have become accustomed to can change rapidly, and on a macro scale. For some, this has led to the revelation that the life they are leading may not be sustainable in the long run. If you are experiencing any of these following signs, it may be time to leave your unhappy job and pursue a passion, or a lifestyle that will bring you more satisfaction.

5 Tips for Modelling your Do It Yourself Fashions for your Online Blog

As a lover of fashion, I have always designed and sewn my own clothing. I love the creativity that comes from wearing garments that I made, as well as the enjoyment from having a customized fit. Making your own clothes allows a person to wear unique clothing patterns, and to experiment with different fabrics. One time I made a skin tight long sleeve dress out of scuba material that was to die for!

If you share this passion, and you are interested in posting your Do It Yourself clothing on your blog, you may be tempted to use a mannequin exclusively to model your creations. I would argue that the best way to showcase your fashion is by modeling it yourself, on your own body.

3 Reasons to paint your dream sequence

Dreams can tell us a lot about our internal thoughts. There have been times where my dreams revealed concepts to me that I had barely registered in the waking world. I think that there are so many competing priorities in our day while we are awake, that it is now more important than ever to get adequate sleep so that our brains have an opportunity to “catch up”.

In my artistic practice I strive toward trying new things, and toward exploring new concepts. What better way to explore, than to use the inspiration of a dream from the past to express an artistic passion?

If you have never thought about using the events of your dreams to fuel an art project, it is worth a try! In the least, you can check out my…

5 Ways to Refashion Old Clothes on a Budget

The Pandemic has really opened my eyes to how many clothing items I have amassed over the years. As a Canadian, I have sweaters for every occasion, and enough socks to last me a month before needing to do laundry.

One of my pass times from my life before pursuing my passions was shopping. I am not alone in this, as many women would agree. When the Pandemic began to spread and lock-downs became the norm, I realized that so many of my outfits could easily be refreshed and given a new look by making simple changes without needing to be an experienced seamstress.

Ocean Spray by Stephanie Konu Blue ocean abstract painting with a reflective gold sun

5 Ways to Train Your Mind for Imaginative Design

When you begin to pursue your passions, you may find it difficult to keep thinking of new ideas. You may have aspirations for where you want to end up, but lack strategies for how to build your practice day by day to get that end result.

Remember that this new life you are pursuing will take work. Each day will present new challenges, but it is up to you to push through and continue to work on your passions.

3 Benefits to Experimenting with your Artistic Practice

You finally started pursuing your passions. You took the first steps and have plunged into the depths of what is unknown. Now you are free to explore the things you have been only dreaming about up until now.

What really sparks an interest in you is the idea of taking your chosen mediums, and experimenting to find new ways of doing things.