About Stephanie

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.

A little about me: I love to share my passion for creativity. I first started my immersion in 2012 by launching my line of designer aprons on Etsy called LillyBoChic. Our line catered to people who enjoy wearing aprons, but with a sexy twist incorporated into each design. Our best selling apron was the French Maid.

After some time on Etsy, I had a deep desire to expand my artistic practice. As luck would have it, my husband and I moved into our first home.

Tools, and renovations became commonplace for us, allowing me to have access to things like saws, brad-nailers, and staple guns. I took the next step in my work by incorporating my study of textiles into wood work.

With the help of others I began creating and designing my own art canvas using premium materials sourced from the local hardware store and fabric merchants.

As time went on I amassed so many pieces of art canvas in various sizes that I began to sell them to friends and family. However, the attractive nature of a blank canvas proved to be too much for me to withstand.

I began to paint on the art canvas that I created, and eventually developed my own artistic style. My pieces were highly experimental in the beginning of my career as I explored different mediums. Abstract landscape scenes are my favourite. My Dad always says that my art work takes the form of outer space, where starry nebulae can be seen among deep fields of colorful gases.

I have exhibited my work in the following locations:

  • Overzealous Art Exhibition- Neilson Park Community Center- Sep/20
  • Queen’s Park Dining Room- Legislative Building, Toronto- Jan/19-Dec/20
  • Toronto Public Library Exhibition- Albion Library, Toronto- Nov/19
  • Trap x Art Show- The Boat Restaurant, Kensington Market, T.O- Oct/19
  • Vaughn Culture Days- JEH MacDonald House, Thornhill, Ontario- Sep/19
  • Salon of Inclusiveness- The Black Cat Showroom, Toronto- Dec/18
  • Overzealous Art Exhibition- Neilson Park Community Center-Dec/18

My artistic practice is chronicled here in my blog, and I share it with you (the world).

Thank you for visiting, and please leave any comments or suggestions: I love hearing from you!

All the best,