5 Reasons why your art is not reaching its best audience

As an artist, I have struggled with getting the right people to see my work. Although the fulfillment I get from creating things is the force that keeps me going; fulfillment alone does not pay the bills. In order to earn revenue from my work, I need to target my message in meaningful ways.

At times this can be difficult considering the world is now bathed in digital media; but here are 5 good reasons why your art is not reaching its best audience…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  1. You Instagram hashtags are not plentiful enough (too concentrated).

    You may only use three or four hashtags for each post if you are a beginner; but did you know that you can use as many as 30 hashtags in every Instagram post? Maximize your hashtags! If you can think of more than 15, then use 15. The benefit is in getting as close to the maximum 30 hashtag limit for each post.

  2. You use too many tags in your blog posts.

    I learned the hard way that in blogging, tags work opposite to hashtags. If you have a post on your blog about your preferred paint brand and you use 30 tags for that post, you are communicating that there are 30 categories that your post fits into. When Google or other search engines rank your site, it will see 30 different topics for your post. This is not a good strategy because websites are ranked in order of how many times the same key related topics are mentioned. If you use your tags like hashtags, your content looks watered down in the eyes of the search engine’s algorithm and you may not be seen anywhere near the first search page for a long time to come.

  3. Your headlines are not great…

    Yes, it’s edgy and fun use headlines (titles) in your social media by quoting song lyrics, or a funny inside joke…HOWEVER step outside of yourself for a moment and think about this: Is a business woman from Sri Lanka and potential art buyer (who adores your art by the way!), going to find your gorgeously painted blue sky on canvas, if your headline for your post is a quote from a Fallout Boy song?

    Probably not.

    Link the content to your headline in simple words. Describe the content of the post in an attractive but concise manner, and you will get more attention for your art, as opposed to how well you know your modern music.

  4. Your photos need context!

    Some styles of artwork need to be framed or placed on a wall to give it the respect it needs. The great part is that with technology, you can digitally impose your artwork on the wall of a designer room to communicate your ideal for the setting of your work.

  5. You aren’t following enough other artists.

    Artists support other artists! I like to think of it as the first rule. Besides, support is reciprocal and you should give it before you expect to receive it.

These reasons are all based on my own experiences as an artist. Have you ever faced challenges or setbacks with gaining an audience for your work? Leave a comment in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.


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