Blue and Gold abstract painting

My latest painting for the summer of 2020 is a blue, gold, and turquoise abstract painting. This glorious scene is entitled “Solar Rays”.

The painting is 24 inches tall by 27 inches wide. This is because of an error in cutting the size of my stretcher bars. I wanted the size to be 24 x 24 inches, but mistakenly forgot to account for the 1.5 inch width of the wood itself. Thus, 24x 27 inches. Live and learn.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
Solar Rays 2020 Art by Konu

This unique painting was conceptualized from a desire to show a solar ray escaping into the outer atmosphere of a star.

The light that escapes is pure energy, travelling outward into the cosmos. I used a blue background with this work, as opposed to my early work that usually featured a black negative space. The effect of using blue and turquoise in a negative space is a more welcoming one, as people are usually more drawn to comforting colours like these.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
Solar Ray 2020- Art by Konu

I am enjoying the direction of my new work. I am focusing on displaying my calmer attitude towards life (since motherhood specifically 😌) in my work, and I love where it is taking me.

My ability to express myself creatively has also expanded into my writing. I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for an entire month, and I exceeded the goal. From July 8, 2020 to August 8th (my favourite day of the year) I published a post relating to my new direction of personal development topics.

I implore you to check them out! I may write a book with the content, but as of now, I am still testing the rhythm of how often to maximize my reach.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
ARTIST Konu with Solar Ray

Please visit my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. On my channel you get to see me in action as I discuss topics that have resonated with me in my life. I am hoping that with the right amount of attention to my channel, that I can expand the content because I really love to speak on camera and communicate my message of hope and positivity to everyone I meet.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest work.


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