5 Signs That Appear when you are Living Your Best Life

Depending on where you are in your journey, you may have started to notice signs that seem to appear to you on a daily basis. As you pursue your passions and go toward living a life that is purposeful, and what you have always wanted, you will see these signs over and over again.

Living your best life is not the easiest thing to do, as it requires you to be brave and to humble yourself in the face of who you used to be. Once you start, however, you will likely be confronted with one of these…


5 Signs That Appear when you are Living Your Best Life

  1. You keep running into, or finding reminders of positive influences in your life. This can happen when you keep seeing the same person’s name in your various social media posts, or you heard an interesting story about that person from a friend. You are picking up on this person’s vibration for a reason- likely because it is matching with your own.
  2. You see opportunities everywhere. Now that you are living your best life, you are confident. You believe in yourself and your abilities. Therefore, the world is becoming your oyster. You see opportunities in everything and everywhere. You are becoming a magnet of success because you have opened yourself up to it.
  3. Your attention focuses on solutions, rather than the problems that stand in your way. I had an experience where I realized I had out grown my previous corporate job in a situation like this.

    A big event was about to start that involved senior counsel, and the youngest one was tasked with setting up the TV screens, projectors, and other computer devices for their presentation. When the youngest counsel began having difficulty setting up the equipment, myself and my colleague took two different approaches to solving the connectivity problem.

    My colleague began to make jokes about the situation. She did not take his plight seriously, and even suggested that the event may need to be rescheduled because she “wasn’t really in the mood to work that day”.

    My approach was to investigate the connectivity problem, and to suggest solutions like replacing some of the equipment with other available devices, and to rewire the connections with different cables. My solutions were also ridiculed by my colleague, but in the end, I was confident that I was the more competent person between us. I was also immediately hit with a sense of disappointment, that although I was well on my way toward living my best life, my workplace was not conducive to the growth that I was projecting for myself.

  4. You keep seeing your spirit animal in nature. This does not really count if you believe your spirit animal is a Pomeranian and you also happen to have that cuddly creature as your pet. What I mean is that you continuously see your animal unexpectedly, and in places that you may not have ever noticed seeing them before you began your journey toward living your best life.

    My spirit animal is a field rabbit- the little brown ones that you see near wooded areas. Rabbits have had an odd way of darting across roads, appearing in my path while on walks, or even stopping by my garden to nibble on plants. What makes these appearances odd, is that they usually occur when I am dealing with difficult decisions, or new experiences.

  5. You see numbers repeating everywhere. Similar to seeing your spirit animal; seeing number repetition is often described as being a sign from a guardian angel that corresponds to the situation you are facing or thinking about in that moment.

    I often see 11:11, 11:22 (just now omg), 5:55 etc. I take these sightings as a sign that whatever I am doing in that moment is leading me closer to the life I have always wanted. When these numbers appear to me, it is always as a result of an unexpected glance at the clock, and never a timed action resulting from a manipulation.  Seeing repeating numbers is sign that you are living your best life now, and that things will only get better from here onward.


Are you living your best life? Do you have other signs that you have noticed before you arrived at this gorgeous plateau of enlightenment? Leave your comments in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.


Stephanie Konu


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