8 Mistakes That Will Set You Back by at least One Decade

In life there are many bad choices to be made. If we are lucky, we have some kind of foresight to where we could go wrong. We may have a good role model to guide us in the proper direction and to teach us better ways of piloting through difficulties. We can learn to make better decisions by learning from others.

I have had great mentors in my life, and I continue to strive to be the type of person who takes advice and guidance from people who have had experiences more advanced than my own. In these conversations, I have learned and complied for you…


8 Mistakes That Will Set You Back by at least a Decade


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  1. Not understanding the difference between true friends, and friends of convenience.

    You can waste a lot of years drinking in a garage with your buddies. You might have good times with friends of convenience, but when you look back at the time spent, did it really get you far? Chances are that you aren’t being very productive when you spend too much time with friends of convenience. True friends usually reciprocate and help you to become the person you aspire to be.

    You can still keep all of your friends! I’m not saying that you should rid yourself of these relationships, but beware of keeping connections with too many people who wouldn’t have your back in rough times.

  2. Going to jail or being charged with a serious criminal offense.

    This has never happened to me personally, but I have seen it happen many times. Generally, “good” and law-abiding people can make mistakes and end up in the justice system. Even a simple charge like drinking and driving can set you back far enough financially, that it takes you a decade to get back to where you were.

    Lawyers fees, fines, jail time, and difficulty staying employed can hinder your progress by setting you back. By the time you catch up to where you were, you might find that a lot of opportunities have expired. Try your best to stay on the straight and narrow path.

  3. Getting married too young, or too quickly.

    I am a big supporter of taking your time to get to know someone. I believe that it takes years before you can say that you have seen someone in most scenarios, and to be able to have a clear view of that person’s character. Furthermore, you may be struggling with knowing thy self- an important aspect to being able to function properly in a marriage.

    Getting married in your early 20s or your teens can be a recipe for disaster, because you barely know yourself yet- let alone the person you plan to marry. If you do not take your time with this important decision, you might end up in #4 on this list.

  4. Getting divorced.

    Unless you were savvy enough to propose a prenuptial agreement, a divorce can be messy, expensive, and life shattering. If you have children, it may take on dark corners that you never saw possible.

    Depending on how long you were married, a divorce can take a decade to heal from financially and emotionally.

  5. Starting a business that you do not fully understand.

    Starting a business is a huge decision for most people because it requires the lifeblood within you to launch and be successful at it. If you do not fully understand all of the intricacies of staring a business, you might suffer a loss of important assets in your personal life. You may face lawsuits from copyright infringement or other misadventures if you fail to fully understand your business. This can really set you back if you are not cautious to properly protect yourself by gaining knowledge.

  6. Failing to finish things like high school or programs as a young person.

    We all knew a slacker or two while growing up, who never saw the value in completing high school, (or anything for that matter). The sad part is that the lesson is learned in a hard way during adulthood when faced with limited options in employment and other opportunities due to lack of education.

    Getting things like education out of the way while young is the best assistance you can give yourself. If you skip this important step, you will just delay the inevitability of having to go back and complete what you skipped earlier.

  7. Not having full confidence in your abilities.

    If you are good at something, spend time developing it. Having confidence in your abilities is what will help to define your value from other people, and to keep you from falling behind.

  8. Not practicing forgiveness.

    Drinking poison and expecting the other person to die; is the best descriptor I can think of here. I used to be an ace at holding grudges, until I realized that the people I was holding on to so much hate for, (probably) had forgotten that I existed. So I forgave them, then forgave myself for holding on to the pain they caused me for so long.

    Practicing forgiveness is such a great cleansing activity for the mind and soul. It really allows you to be honest with yourself and clear a path toward improved mental health.


Can you think of mistakes from your life that have set you back several years or even a decade? Leave your comments in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.



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