3 People You Will Meet in a Dead End Job

Sometimes people are stuck in lives that they never imagined for themselves. When they are trapped, their dissatisfaction can come out in very negative ways. I have met many people like this and you might be intrigued by my list of…

3 People You Will Meet in a Dead End Job

Chronic Complainers

These people are miserable and consider themselves too old to learn anything. This can be really frustrating to deal with because learning new things can happen at any age. They act as though the organization owes them something for their perceived sacrifices to continue to work in a dead end job. They will point out your mistakes gleefully, but duck for cover if you ever clap back.

No-Effort Nancy

These people come to work with terrible hygiene, and an even worse attitude. They seem to waft through the workplace with an attitude that says: “Why should I bother to dress neatly or comb my hair for my co-workers? I hate them all anyway because their lives aren’t as difficult as mine is.”

You can imagine how disappointing it is to share a workspace with someone like this. They thrive on victim hood as the reason for why they don’t need to put any effort into how they present themselves. Nothing is their fault, and even though they are past their 30s, and their parents are still to blame for every problem in their life.


The Pushover

This person is the doormat for the organization. They have been sipping the kool-aid for long enough that the brainwashing has set in: they believe that they are “lucky” to have a job where there is no training, no real leadership, and no managers to look out for them as an employee.

Coupled with an ever changing list of duties, they are always taking on new roles without getting any extra pay- or even any recognition. They are a pushover, and being terribly undervalued by their organization for no real benefit.


Have you met anyone like the three people listed here? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by.


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