8 Signs Your Performance is Dipping to New Lows

You might not realize that your performance is dipping until it is too late. Don’t ignore the urging of your mind to take a vacation from day to day life. Recharge your batteries as regularly as you can to avoid burnout. If you aren’t sure if this is you take a look at my…



8 Signs Your Performance is Dipping to New Lows


  1. You are consistently late, despite tardiness having never been a problem before.

    You are not getting prepared as well as you need to be. This leaves you running late and rushing for every event.

  2. You can’t wait for the long weekend, so you take Thursday and Friday off… then maybe call in sick Tuesday.

    You aren’t showing up. You know that most of success is just showing up, so why aren’t you meeting that basic requirement?

  3. When you get home, you launch your work items across the room because you just don’t want to see them again until its time to go back to work. You are so drained that you will not be doing anything constructive tonight.

    I have been guilty of leaving coats on the floor near the door, dropping my bags, and never emptying my lunch containers from the work day. I realize now that my job left me so drained that I was doing a bad job at taking care of myself properly.

  4. You feel threatened by younger co-workers. Their optimism and excitement makes you feel angry and impatient.

    Does the ever-chipper attitude of your younger cohorts make you want to vomit with rage? The problem may be your attitude, and not theirs. You may be feeling jealous of their perceived value in your eyes, compared to your productivity that seems to be dipping day by day.

  5. You dread the few hours before lunch and before the end of each day.

    This is basically the whole day.

  6. Your commute to the office feels much shorter than it is. It seems like delaying the inevitable misery of going to work is all you can do.

    A long commute usually drains you, but if you are suffering from a dipping productivity, you may treasure the time spent on the way there, and feel immense relief when you are on your way home.

  7. Your work is producing errors that your former self would have caught immediately.

    Your heart is not really in it. You feel disconnected from the work you are doing. Your desire to produce quality work is going down the tubes.

  8. Your conversations with your boss have shortened so significantly, that you haven’t seen more than the side of their face for a while- especially when you are speed walking to get out of the building as fast as possible.

    All of the signs of disengagement are there. Why not do something about them?


Do any of these signs resonate with you? Leave comments in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.

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