4 Ways Art Will Heal you

There are times in life when you are hurt from a broken heart or the loss of a loved one. The pain is excruciating at the beginning, however over time, you should be able to move forward; even if it is a little bit at a time.

In my own life I have found that being creative has helped me through very difficult and dark times. I find that creating art, in particular, has helped me to heal when experiencing hardships. Want to know how?

Here are my…

woman draw a light bulb in white board
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

4 Ways Art Will Heal You

  1. Art offers a new perspective.

    When you create art, you are able to sit quietly and reflect. You are able to think about hurt feelings, or memories from the past. If you chose to go deeper, your artwork can represent your feelings in a physical form- allowing for visualization. When you see the work you create, you may find that a new perspective emerges. You will at least benefit from expressing the feelings, and getting them off of your mind, instead of bottling them within.

  2. Helps you embrace your faves!

    When you create art, it is an expression of what your soul is feeling or what you hope to convey as your potential mindset. You are sad, but you want to feel excited about life again; so you create work that reflects that desire.

    For me, I love colours that evoke a warm feeling within me. For you, it can be shapes or symbols. Think about the things that make you happy, and you can include it in your work. For the time that you are creating, your entire world can be made of sunshine, rainbows, and friggin unicorns if you want. Whatever you need to reach your healing mindset through your art.

  3. Adds the potential for sharing and caring.

    Making art provides an activity for you to share with a loved one. The experience helps to heal broken hearts by creating an opportunity to do things together. Being together with people who care about you is important for healing. Talking is therapy. Time spent together is irreplaceable.

  4. Calms you at the end of a long day.

    Depending on where you are in your journey to pursue your passions, you may still be selling your time at your unhappy job. This can leave you feeling much more tired at the end of a long day than you should feel. You may have been catering to other people’s needs so intensely, that you have barely had a moment to address your own. Your pain will not go away by ignoring it. Creating art can be meditative in practice, allowing a regenerative benefit to your mind. This regeneration from the healing properties of creating art will give you the strength to fight-on for another day.

Creating art has helped me a lot in my life. Has it helped you? Leave your comments in the section below, and thank you for stopping by.


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