5 Ways to Appreciate Life’s Moments

Life can get crazy. I know that you know this already. Some of us get so wrapped up in our problems and fears that it seems impossible to notice simple things like the name of the store clerk helping you find something, or the colour of that traffic light you just went through.

Hopefully it was green, but if it wasn’t, I wish you a speedy recovery.

There is no easy way to change your mindset. It takes determination and a strong desire to want to be different. In helping you on your journey, here are my…

5 Ways to Appreciate the Little Moments in Life


woman with floral headdress lying on green leaf plants

Examine the colour of your favourite items.

Perhaps you tell everyone that your favourite colour is deep forest green; but many of your personal items are blue or gold coloured. I’m not trying to throw shade for asking, but how well do you know yourself? Take an objective look. You might be surprised at what you discover.


Count how many items you have that came from somewhere else.

Now I don’t mean to ask you to take inventory of how many things in your house come from China, or you will probably be counting for a long time. What I mean is that you should take a look at how many keepsakes you have that you acquired on travels to other places.

I have a decorative vase that I acquired while visiting the Portuguese island of Madeira. I also have a small and colourful dish from my trip to Mexico. Keeping sight of these items reminds me of how lucky I have been to be able to travel, and have experiences that bring warm memories to my thoughts. I appreciate those little moments because they remind me of my past accomplishments.


Open your refrigerator

Do you have a refrigerator that is filled with food? You should appreciate this! Now grab a healthy snack while you are there!


Linger longer.

When you are about to part ways with an old friend, or a new acquaintance, linger an extra two and a half seconds. Lingering longer will allow you to appreciate the moment, and to bask in the positive warmth and good feelings from that person.


Arrive on time to your next event or gathering.

Often times the only opportunity you have to thank the volunteers and organizers of an event is before it gets into full swing. Once other guests have arrived, it can become impossible to show appreciation for the time and effort spent putting the event together. Appreciating others promotes positive vibes, and allows us all to take notice of how lucky we are to share our moments together.


Do you have ways to help you appreciate life’s little moments? Leave your comments in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.


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