7 Ways to be Present in Everyday Moments

Being present in everyday life is like showing up to an important event. The sights and the sounds of an experience can be missed when you are not paying attention to them. When the event is over, you can be left feeling like you weren’t really a part of anything, or that your life is passing you by.

Seize those moments with a vice-like grip. Don’t get lost in your own thoughts. Wake up and stop ignoring the possibility of having the life you are dreaming of.

Here are my…

7 Ways to be Present in Everyday Moments

Count the ceiling tiles.

When you are tempted to lose yourself in your phone, take a few minutes to focus on the number of ceiling tiles, or the number of steps in your area. Take inventory of the architectural features of the room so that you can keep your mind in a state of awareness of what is around you.

Speak last in your meetings.

Wait until everyone else has spoken, then voice your opinion. Be sure not to seem impatient as if you are only waiting for your turn. Listen.

Recall other languages

In certain moments, try to recall phrases from different languages that you know. If you are fluent in other languages, even better! Try to describe what you see in the alternate languages that you know. You might even come across something that you cannot explain, which in turn can churn inspiration for a later date.

Put down your mobile phone

This one is self-explanatory. How can you be present in any situation if your eyes are glued to your phone?

Draw a sketch

Use a piece of paper to leave beautiful artwork for someone else. You might be surprised by how relaxing the sensation of a pencil moving across paper can feel.

Using your same paper…

Write an interesting quote or turn of phrase that you over hear in any conversations nearby. If you are in silence, think of one that resonates with you.

Chew, breathe, sip…

If you are eating, chew slower. Resist the desire to inhale your food.

Focus your breath to breathe deeper. When was the last time your lungs REALLY expanded?

Sip some water. We can all use a bit more hydration every now and then.

I hope you enjoyed my 7 ways to be present in everyday moments. Do you have any ideas that you practice? Leave your comments in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.


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