5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Original Art

In today’s world, digital art fuels the market. Many people avoid buying original artwork, and instead opt for mass produced, poor quality art canvas that is readily available at Home Decorating Stores. These pieces are usually cookie-cut-copies and say nothing about you, yet they hang on the walls of your home- a place that really should be a sanctuary for you from the outside world.

These mass produced works are usually worthless on the resale market, and are likely to be seen as old and dated by next season. It was never created with an intention of being long lasting- so do not be surprised if by next year, you already hate it.

Investing in original art is not just for the wealthy or eccentric; anyone can do it, and here are my…

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Original Art


Emotional Value

Mass produced art has nearly zero emotional value. The process of buying mass produced art goes something like this:

Your in-laws are visiting your home this weekend and staying the guest room, so you take a trip to the local home decorating store. When you get there, you grab something big enough to cover up as much space on your wall as you can for your budget; and when you go to pay, the cashier asks you if you would like to donate $2 to a local charity.

There was no part of that story that included how the artwork spoke to you, or made you feel anything. The piece has no emotional value to you beyond the price tag.


Money goes into the right pockets.

Original artwork puts money into the pockets of artists, not the companies who are mass producing it. Even if the companies who are mass producing artwork are in fact hiring real artists to come up with the concepts for their products, they are paid only a fraction of the value of their work. The people who dare to dream should have the benefit of financial success in selling their artwork. They should be rewarded with a standard of living that allows them to continue to create more art.


sofa set art example2

Creating art is a passion.

People who spend their time creating art do it to evoke an emotion from the observer, and to express a feeling they have. Buying original art can connect you to the artist in  ways that are deep and spiritual. You may be able to feel the passion conveyed from the artist through their work. If you connect with this passion, you may form a bond that lasts a lifetime.


Quality over quantity.

The quality of most original art truly exceeds the mass produced stuff at home decor stores. The materials used by artists are usually UV resistant, and may even be sealed in resin. Mass produced art is created with profit margins in mind. There is very little thought put toward using materials that will last, and even the construction of the art (i.e. the wood frame) lacks any real craftsmanship.

Mass produced art is usually priced by the size of the piece, which creates a false mindset from consumers that bigger is always better. This leads to paying per inch- a price model that does not translate well into the original art buying market.



If you are like me, you want to live a life that is closer to your true purpose. You are unique. There is no one else in the world who is exactly like you- (rejoice!). So why would you want artwork that has been reproduced so many times that 60 other people in your neighborhood have as well?

Having original art furthers your new attitude about your unique existence. It is something that is exclusive to you- which will encourage and inspire you to continue to pursue your passions, and strive for the life that you are meant to have. In addition to this, once you enter the world of original art, you can give yourself the coveted title of: Art Collector (ooh la la! Look at you!)


I hope these five reasons why you should invest in original art has opened your mind. Original art does not need to cost you a lot- but the benefits to you, and to the artist are farther reaching than you can imagine.

Have you ever purchased original artwork? Are you an art collector? Tell me what you think by leaving your comments in the section below, and thank you for stopping by.




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