3 Tips for Breaking the Honesty Barrier With Yourself

So, you are in the process of changing your life. Maybe you are about to change your job, begin a new hobby, or some other exciting lifestyle change. No matter what it is that you are about to do, you have concerns that you may not be making a sound decision.

Sometimes we lie to ourselves through a lens of “toxic positivity”. Sometimes the person with the problem, is you, and the way you are seeing a situation. A great way to address this possibility is with my…


curious isolated young woman looking away through metal bars of fence with hope at entrance of modern building
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


Three tips for breaking the honesty barrier with yourself.

  1. Don’t ask for anyone’s opinion…yet.When you start this exercise, it might be wise to avoid asking anyone to contribute their opinions about you.

    More often than not, asking a friend or family member to identify areas where you could improve as a person will end up in hurt feelings. If you must ask- do so AFTER you have started your own process of reflection. Self-examine the key ideas that you have noticed about yourself, before bringing it up to anyone else.

  2. Use plain language
    Using plain language about what you are feeling will help you in this process. If you are angry: say so! If you are jealous: be truthful.The reason isn’t important right now. You must first identify the emotion before you can start a dialogue with yourself.
  3. Once you have found it…Write your honesty down. Don’t rely on memory. Real progress emerges when the results are measurable. The only way to measure this is by keeping track of where you are today.

At the end of the day, it is extremely important to be honest with yourself. How will you know what your true limitations are, if you do not mentally address them with yourself? Be sure to stay aware of your blind spots- or else you might not see what could be coming to knock you down.

Do you have other strategies to being more honest with yourself? Leave your comments in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.



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