3 Signs that it is time to leave your job and pursue your passions

The Pandemic of 2020 has shown many of us that life can be incredibly short. The lives we have become accustomed to can change rapidly, and on a macro scale. For some, this has led to the revelation that the life they are leading may not be sustainable in the long run. If you are experiencing any of these following signs, it may be time to leave your unhappy job and pursue a passion, or a lifestyle that will bring you more satisfaction.

3 Signs that it is time to leave your job and pursue your passions


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You always wonder…what if?

Wondering about “what if” can be dangerous because it prevents you from fully investing in the life that you have. It can cause a state of “waiting around to see if something better will come along”. Meanwhile, waiting for something better distracts you from the real work to be done: improving yourself.

Perhaps the path for your life was laid out by your parents, or some other tradition. Perhaps you have never needed to think about where you would end up in life. If you find yourself asking many “what if” questions during sleepless nights; there may be things that need to be explored within your mind.

You are unhappy at milestones

If you are feeling unsatisfied with the trajectory of your life, news of people moving on can cripple you emotionally. Think of it like being stuck on a lifeboat at sea, and the other passengers get rescued one by one. While everyone else is being rescued, you remain in peril. Stranded. Isolated. Many emotions apply to this idea, but the one that you can get stuck with is jealousy.

When you are not pursuing your passions, a deficit can begin to emerge. The space that you want to fill can, in fact, grow wider. This can cause people to become bitter and jealous when they see others being rescued from the life boat. This can cause a more immediate and extreme need to leave your unhappy job, and to start pursuing your passions.

You are spending too much $$$ just to get there.

Have you ever sat down and completed a budget? Many people think they know how much they are spending to get to and from work; however, these numbers rarely get recorded or tracked.

You may surprise yourself to learn that between paying for:

  • Parking/ transit cost
  • Gasoline/ miscellaneous coffee and snacks
  • Lunch (10$ per day)
  • Time spent commuting (2 hrs per day round trip @ your hourly rate)

…in a major North American city may be costing you as much as 29% of your biweekly income.

If this could be your financial picture, you may need a serious wake-up call! Your job is costing you too much! At 29% of your biweekly income, on getting to and from work, you may find that you would be farther ahead if you made less money, but worked closer to home. Do the math tonight!


If you have experienced any of these three signs, you may benefit from leaving your terrible job to pursue passions that help you build satisfaction with your life. Life is short, so why not spend it in a better mood?

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