3 Reasons to paint your dream sequence

Dreams can tell us a lot about our internal thoughts. There have been times where my dreams revealed concepts to me that I had barely registered in the waking world. I think that there are so many competing priorities in our day while we are awake, that it is now more important than ever to get adequate sleep so that our brains have an opportunity to “catch up”.

In my artistic practice I strive toward trying new things, and toward exploring new concepts. What better way to explore, than to use the inspiration of a dream from the past to express an artistic passion?

If you have never thought about using the events of your dreams to fuel an art project, it is worth a try! In the least, you can check out my…


3 Reasons why painting your dream sequence works


Dreams are personal

Your dreams are the enactment of the thoughts and experiences you have had. Usually dreams are current; their meaning connects to something currently happening in your life. You dream about the things that are pertinent to who you are right now, and so the personalized nature of a dream sequence is really incomparable.

When you use dreams to create art, it will be identifiable in your work.

Dreams contain layers of meaning

Each layer of meaning is a story that can be shared. As you create your artwork, go deeper into the dream. If you dream of certain animals, for instance, there may be a message that your dream is communicating.  Embrace your weirdness and include deep messages in your work. They will lead you to a unique and very creative product.


Pushing your creativity to new limits

Using your dream sequences combines two huge skills: memory and artistic skill. Being able to recall a dream sequence is not easy, and can prove to be nearly impossible at first. However, our brains can be trained over time to improve the ability to recall information. If you are tracking your dreams and want to remember them, assist yourself by keeping a journal near your bed to record things before they wither away.

Your artistic skill will be pushed to its limit because the images contained in your dream sequences may not be the easiest things to represent. Strange things can happen in dreams, and it may be a challenge to accurately represent them in your artistic work.



I often use digital drawings to assist me when I am using my dream sequences as inspiration. This has helped me to communicate diverse concepts in a single drawing. Have you ever tried this? How did it work for you? Please leave your comments in the section below, and thanks for stopping by.




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