3 Benefits to Experimenting with your Artistic Practice

You finally started pursuing your passions. You took the first steps and have plunged into the depths of what is unknown. Now you are free to explore the things you have been only dreaming about up until now.

What really sparks an interest in you is the idea of taking your chosen mediums, and experimenting to find new ways of doing things.

Here are my…

3 Benefits to Experimenting with Your Artistic Practice

  1. You discover things you never connected in your mind before.
    Have you ever wondered what happens when you add more water to “this”, or take a piece of sand paper to “that”? Your discovery could open your mind to new possibilities. The same tools that are available to you can have new uses (for new techniques). The tools have not changed. You have.
  2. You exercise the part of the brain that allows you to visualize new things.
    A person can train their mind to see solutions to problems by changing their mindset to a positive one. When you focus on positivity, you are telling your mind to pay close attention to methods of improvement. This principle can be extended to teaching your mind when experimenting in your artistic practice.

    Visualization is a skill that can be acquired from thinking of ways to innovate and make life better for yourself. By experimenting with new mediums and with technology, you will be able to visualize the preferred reality to problems that currently exist.

  3. You may gain new attention, followers, and new fans of your experimented work.
    People who are familiar with your work will be impressed by your courage to try something new. People who are not familiar with your work may really like your new style, and gain an interest in your work because of it. At the end of the day, your ability to take risks (albeit calculated risks) as an artist will pay off in some way.

Life is an experience that is made up of smaller momentary experiences. Trying new things and challenging yourself to be better than the person you were yesterday is the goal. Pursuing the things that you are passionate about is the best way to accomplish excelling beyond your past self.

Do you agree with my list? Please leave comments in the section below and as always, thanks for stopping by!


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