8 Ways to Keep Ideas Fresh and to Keep Creating

Taking the first step to living the life that you want, and pursuing your passions is monumental. The decision is one that asks of you: “Can you sustain these changes? Will you give up and go back to your old way of living?”

These are questions that can keep you awake at night. For me, the best way to get past those moments is to focus on day-to-day tasks. Focusing on keeping the creative juices flowing is what shifts my focus to things that are within my locus of control.

Here are my ideas for how to keep your fresh ideas flowing, so that you can further the continuation of your passion projects:

8 Ways to Keep Ideas Fresh and to Keep Creating

  1. Reproduce an old project in a “look how far I’ve come” retrospective work. As an artist you can showcase how well you have improved in your artwork with an update of something completed earlier on in your career. By incorporating your new techniques, you will surprise yourself.
  2. Re-post new angles of existing work. The fresh idea is in the perspective provided by taking new photos. Utilizing new media and technology can also help to refresh existing work.
  3. Try a new setting for characters in your writing, painting, or illustration. Circumstance change when settings change.
  4. Listen to inspirational speakers on Youtube. My recommendations for speakers to watch video of would be: Maya Angelou, or Simon Sinek. Your mind starts collecting new ideas and mixing it with your existing thoughts immediately. Your creativity gets boosted when you expose your mind to new concepts.
  5. Read something!
  6. Watch a documentary.
  7. Follow a person on social media who has views that are the opposite of your own. Read a few posts. If you feel annoyed or angry, then concentrate (with that fire burning) and get those fresh ideas written down!
  8. Go outside and rest your mind by trying a new activity. A new flavor of ice cream is my suggestion!

What are ways that you keep ideas fresh when you feel overwhelmed? Leave you comments below, and thank you for stopping by.


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