5 Ways to Balance Your New Life

Making the decision to pursue your passions is not an easy one. Many people go back and forth for years, or even decades before nailing down the elusive “Start Date” for their dreams to begin. Some people never take the jump, and continue on with the monotony of life until it is too late.

When you make the big decision, it will seem overwhelming at first. You may feel consumed by the desire to “do everything at once”. You may even enter a manic state just trying to organize your thoughts. Until you are properly prepared, you will have to balance your priorities with family life, and your boring day job (until you can escape it!)

5 Ways to Balance Your New Life

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Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly allows your brain and body to work at high efficiency. Physical exercise increases your ability to remember things, and plan upcoming events with your family. Regular exercise will also add stamina so that your mind can be stronger for longer.


Eat Properly

Eating healthy and nutrient-rich food will allow your brain to stay in top condition. Trying new healthy foods will also expose your brain to new flavors and textures that will encourage balance in your body. Avoid feeling sluggish by drinking Kombucha to to boost your gut health.


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Wake up earlier

Wake up 1-2 hours early to have solitary time to work on your passion projects. If your project cannot be accommodated by waking up earlier, then you can try to reconfigure your schedule to allow 1 or 2 hours during the mid day or on weekends. One hour devoted to your passion each day adds up to over 30 hours per month. That is time that can be spent unproductively if you allow it. Consistency is key, so carve out the time required to develop yourself, and you will see improvements quickly.


Keep visual tabs on your ongoing projects

Allow your progress on projects to stare you in the face. Take photos and share them with friends and family. Allow the visual representation of your ongoing project to inspire you to keep going! Look at it every day. Use the time spent looking at it to explore ways you can improve.


Involve your family

The best way to balance your new passion pursuit with your family life is by incorporating the two together. Ask you daughter or son to watch you as you set up stages of your project Take your spouse with you to learn things about your passion. The important thing is the time spent together with loved ones. Show them how much you care by involving them in your life as it evolves.


The transition into a life where you pursue your passions can be difficult. These 5 ways to balance your family life will assist you in overcoming the growing pains with these changes.

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