Illustrated Poetry

Greetings from the void!

I am continuing to create illustrations of my early writing. I used to write poetry daily, often during times of boredom or stress at work. Since beginning this recent project, I have found poems written as far back at 2011- one year after finishing university and starting my life in the working world.

I once promised myself that I would publish a book of my poetry, and now that I am adding illustrations, I feel like they are more “finished” when paired with imagery.

When I wrote this poem I was very occupied with the concept of love and longing. My early post entitled “The Sun Who Loved the Girl” touches on this subject. I think it is an area that I would like to further explore for future writings.

Right now, I am working on illustrations for a book that my company is publishing. I did not write the books, but I have created unique illustrations for the cover art. I will post updates when the books are released on Amazon.

The following image is an illustrated poem that I wrote in 2011. It is entitled “Yearn”. I hope you enjoy it.


an illustrate dpoem featuring a woman drinking from a glass in a seductive manner
An illustrated poem written in 2011.

Thanks for stopping by, and please leave comments if you like my work!



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