Experimenting with early poetry.


Many years ago, I wrote poetry as a way to facilitate an honest dialogue with myself.

My rationale was: by writing down my thoughts and feelings in a stream of consciousness, I could train myself to be more honest with my true motivations in life and not what I thought I ought to do or say.

As a result, I nearly filled 3 sketch books with copius amounts of poetry. The only rule was that each book would need to be started and completed within one year. Each book is entitled “L’annee de creative 1, 2, 3 etc…I made it to the third year, then became side tracked by motherhood and the busy aspects of family life.

I have resumed my poems lately. One of the astonishing things I have found is that my voice is much better than I remember. I have written the prose well, and even made good efforts to rhyme some lines!

I took the time to illustrate a scene for a poem I wrote a few years ago, and I have posted it below.

If you enjoy my illustrated poetry, please like and comment. I have much more to share, but it means so much to me to hear back from you, and to know whether there is anyone out there in the void of space…

Thanks for stopping by,


Poetry by Stephanie Konu, romance love and longing
An illustrated poem by Stephanie Konu

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