Large Blue and Gold abstract acrylic

Simple Sun Acrylic on Canvas by Stephanie Konu 2020
Simple Sun Acrylic on Canvas by Stephanie Konu 2020


My latest work is an extremely large landscape measuring 86 inches x 26 inches.

The work is entitled “Simple Sun” and uses brilliant blue, turquoise, and gold to make an abstract landscape of a rising sun over ocean waves.


The unconventional size was as a result of making two large art canvases for a commissioned work. I was unsure how well I could create the size, so I made two.



The golden sun is a deep rich field that has a reflective and metallic finish. Where it meets the blue background, a hard edge is formed. The eye is brought to these hard edges and a high contrast is achieved.

Where the ocean wave meets the sky, turquoise metallic finishes edge the crash of a cataclysmic wave. Despite the enormity of the wave, it is still eclipsed by the magnitude of the simple sun.

In the heart of the sun, an orb of texture is visible.

Blue gold ad turquoise abstract landscape by Stephanie Konu 2020
Simple Sun Acrylic on Canvas by Stephanie Konu 2020

Creating this piece was very therapeutic for me. It took many hour to get the sun exactly right. When the (real) summer sun returns to my backyard, I will be able to take more accurate photos that do a better job at capturing the metallic finishes and reflection of light that make this piece exceptional.


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