Green abstract blended acrylic

My latest acrylic is a calming green abstract.

The colours gradually change with influences of yellow, slate grey, and blue. The borders are a deeper darker forest green. Dark borders represent an encroaching concern. Something that the light must face and fend off in the very near future.

In the top right corner there is a chartreuse (half way between yellow and green) figure that is reminiscent of a sun. It beams down across the abstract landscape. In the heart of the painting, the green blends take on a shape that to me, resemble a bird with wings that is soaring across the sky.

I imagine the lush forest green as the land below the sun. It’s funny, but until I wrote this post, I had not even noticed that this was yet another abstract sun painting. I suppose some things stay hidden in the mind until a stimuli brings them to the forefront. I enjoy playing with green, and I think that the colour has contributed to my artistic strength.

My current mini gallery of green paintings (pictured above) shows how my artwork goes together. Scenes like this are part of what drive me to create. Green is still my favourite colour, and I will continue to use it regularly in my work.

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