Vintage sun painting in acrylic


Creating beauty is what I enjoy spending my time on.

..and of course: I love to share my latest projects with you, here on my blog.

My latest work is a gorgeous and understated acrylic on canvas. It depicts a sun that seems to be glowing against a black sky. Rose gold clouds drift upwards and swirl back into themselves.

When I first completed this 6 x 10 inch piece, my initial response was the vintage illustration feel. It reminded me of an illustration one might see in an old car garage or gas station.

It speaks to me like an echo of a memory…something I can’t quite recall. “Vintage” speaks of the past, but not of any specific person’s past. Could I use the term collective consciousness here?


I used many layers to achieve the “glow” of blue around the orange sun, which was essentially part of the underpainting. It has a size that I like to work with as well, since smaller surface area means more risks with techniques/colours. I definitely like the execution of my latest work.


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