Creating an apron with vintage material

Vintage fabric imported from Japan- Over the shoulder apron

The Japanese version of Batik dye is seen here in with this vintage fabric imported for LillyBoChic. It is unique, colorful, and breathes life into a medium I have made the foundation of my design line: the apron. One may ask: how many different ways can you make an apron?

I may answer: as many ways as you can wear one. (Probably a very high number)

Over the shoulder apron


This design is inspired by the classic over-the-shoulder style of apron. The pull-over design sits atop the shoulders of the wearer, with adjustable ties at the waist to accommodate various sizes. I included a front pocket (something I have been doing a lot of lately, out of a concern that my designs were lacking utility).

Pocket view of vintage fabric imported from Japan

Since I am accustomed to free-hand drafting many aspects of my designs, I tailored the chest area/collar of this apron to allow for a better fit. Tailoring also achieved a bell curve on the shape of the apron bottom, creating a frill/ looseness that adds a soft femininity. I’m pleased with how this turned out as I was contemplative of what type of apron design could be qualified to accommodate such a high-drama pattern.

Back side of Apron- Over the shoulder, ties at waist.


That’s all for now, and thanks for stopping by,


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