Street Art in Hamilton Ontario

I love street art. There is something special about turning my head to peek down a lane way and discovering a beautiful spread. Today I found a beautiful installation of what looks like acrylic painted trees coated with a thick glossy resin. They have been mounted to the exterior of a brick wall about two floors up on the side of a building.

Hammer Street Art

The artist has taken a simple concept, and taken it off the beaten path by adding depth of field. I like the way that the trees are reflected in what seems to be a bog or very still pond.

Hammer Street Art2
Hamilton Street Art

For me: street art often outshines curated pieces in a gallery. Not to knock galleries; but there is always an underlying statement or suggestion being made by the curator of a gallery or show that can taint the enjoyment of the work for me.

“Street art can serve as a hidden gem that you were able to find only by chance.”- AnieKSteph

Sometimes it’s a snapshot of privilege, race, sex, or nationality. Those things are perfectly fine to explore, but as a consumer of art; sometimes I like to draw my own inferences, and to make up my own mind.

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