Making Art With Limpet Shells

First things first: what are limpets exactly?

A limpet is an aquatic snail with a shell that is broadly conical in shape. “Limpet” informally refers to any gastropod whose shell has no obvious coiling, like the coiling which can be seen in the shells of garden snails or winkles- Wikipedia via Google Search

I was dining with family recently when we sat down to a meal that featured Portuguese Limpets. They were prepared inside of their beautiful shells, and I was fortunate to save a few to clean and reuse.


The back of the shell is rough, but it is covered with a small amount of algae when fresh.


The opalescent colour on the inside of the shell reminded me of a flower, so I incorporated a few into an art piece I had been working on.


By gluing the shells to the canvas, I aimed to create a textured bouquet as the centerpiece of my artwork.


I love to create pieces that borrow from the style of Matisse. The thick and heavy lines used in his work always seem to be like a cartoonists impression of a real life scene.


Matisse would often capture relate-able snapshots into what I imagine might be a Sunday afternoon.  The observer gets to imagine the mood within that setting; sometimes including  a dog or cat sprawled out and enjoying an empty apartment while the owner stepped out to shop.

prt matisse

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