Echo: Gold and Azure with a brilliant Blue negative space


My latest work is a gorgeous foray into the world of 24 x 24-inch canvas scenes.

I built a series of wood frames that were all dedicated to this study about a month ago, and haven’t looked back. I feel preoccupied with the concept of a square canvas over a calm blue negative space. Iridescent forms float by, reminiscent of jelly fish in captivity: over fed, and super content. It’s the epitome of the ultra chill vibe I’m going for in this piece.

Echo by Stephanie Konu. 2020

In this piece, my intention was to show an echo travelling through water into a surrounding field. The origin of the echo can represent sound, or perhaps light (if light can echo, that is).

I wanted to show that there is a desire and ultimate necessity in being heard. The existence of an echo confirms that you have been heard, even if you had the only ears around.

I am so excited to show you my next few pieces of artwork- be sure to check back next month, follow me on Instagram, and also on Pinterest ❤

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