Experimental Acrylic on Canvas 

A few months ago I created a piece that was very experimental in method, colour composition, and size. I wanted a wide canvas to hang on the wall behind my living room sofa that would not get dwarfed by the size of the wall. It needed to be at least 4 feet wide (48 inches ) and 2 feet tall (24 inches).

Failing this intent, I didn’t love the painting I created the first time around, so I re-gessoed  the canvas and started a new.


Initially it was meant to have a landscape orientation, but I tried something new by creating an abstract portrait of an alien landscape. The center of the painting is highlighted by an iridescent violet splatter: a truly laborious endeavour. It took a lot of time to get it to look exactly how I wanted it to.

I like how it turned out of course; and that is why it has been hanging in my hallway for many months. I suppose that it fit so comfortably there that I plumb forgot to share it with the world.

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