Blue and Violet Acrylic Wonder with a broken camera


For this piece, I wanted to use colours and techniques that I have previously explored earlier in the year.

I started with blue and added reds and blacks to change colour values in addition to performing swirling techniques that allowed for a nice marbling effect. I think that the photo (taken with my iPad) does not truly give justice to the beautiful details of this piece. If you click on the photo, you will have an enlarged view- but until I upgrade my camera arsenal to take better photos, you will have to take my word for it.

On an aside- I had a wonderful Cannon point and shoot digital camera that was a lovely gift for my graduation many years ago- however the screen broke in such a way that I cannot see what the lens has in its view, nor can I confirm that I have taken a good photo because I can only see half of the image due to the large crack in the screen.

To aggravate matters, the camera has a “touch screen” interface, making it impossible to look through an analog viewfinder or to use most of the features. Basically, I can take photos with that camera, but it is largely a guessing game to wait and see what “develops” after removing the SD card to review the photos.

Quel dommage! It causes such a headache for me that I would rather use my large and cumbersome iPad to capture images than to use my broken point and shoot. I will eventually replace it, but I am told that the end of the year is the best time to buy such items, and I have my eye on an SLR camera as my passion to create art grows.

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