5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Started the Artistic Career You Want

You have decided that this is what you want: you want a life where you make an income from pursing artistic passions that set your heart ablaze. You have saved up your nest egg and are so close to closing the door on your old life; but something keeps standing in your way…

Here are my…

5 Reasons why you have not yet started the artistic career you want

Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels.com

Not enough time

Perhaps you set up your hobby before dinner, but after eating you fall asleep. Perhaps you set an intention to write three excellent pages of content for your next book, but Friday night plans get in the way and you forget about your goal. Running out of time is a symptom of a bigger problem. You may need to restructure your schedule to allow for blocks of time to devote to the pursuit of your passion projects.

Blocking off segments of time accomplishes two things:

  1. You are able to set realistic timelines for your projects, (because you may not be allocating enough time in the first place).
  2. It forces you to take a hard look at your life to see where you may be wasting time without realizing it. Do you procrastinate to leave the house in the morning? Perhaps preparing for the next day is something that you could do the night before. Pre plan your lunches, clothing choices, and automate more things in your life. With these strategies, you might find yourself with an extra 45 minutes to one hour each morning that was previously wasted by decision making from a groggy mind.


Not enough resources

I like to look at this as a problem that can be solved with creativity; however, more practical star signs would see a lack of resources as a huge roadblock to the pursuit of their passions. Some times the dreams of an artist are too big for their current station in life. I think it is a wonderful gift for artists to dream big- which can include having dreams that are costly, or involving materials of a high price. Whatever the reason, having the idea is important to hold on to because the circumstance of a person’s resources can change.

If you allow the resources available for your passion projects as being a hindrance to spelling out your dreams to the universe, you might be robbing the world of something amazing. So what if you don’t have enough diamonds to make a 50 foot tall Buddha statue? Try making one that is one foot tall, and instead of diamonds, use rhinestones! Your vision may not suffer as much as you think it will.


Not enough help

Similar to not having the right resources, it may be an issue to gather the help you need to start your passion projects. This is a difficult problem to overcome, because you cannot invent people- even if you have an army of tiny Buddha statues at your disposal. Finding out that your ambitions are greater than the help that is available to fulfill them can pose a really stubborn roadblock. You may need to spend extra time networking with other people who are working in the career that you aspire towards. Reconnecting with good friends may also find you help. Always remember the law of reciprocity when asking for favours!


Not enough cheerleaders- too many cheerloafters!

There may be too many people surrounding you who do not believe in you or your dreams. These are the people who ridicule your dreams, compare you to things having low value (in their opinion, of course), or people who downplay your idea only to present it to others as their own. These are what I call “cheerloafters” and they are the opposite of cheerleaders. [Read my article on How to Tell the Difference Between Cheerleaders and Cheerloafters here]

Cheerleaders promote you, encourage you, and believe in your dreams. They want to help you achieve your potential because they are good people and they hold core beliefs that reflect this idea: when you succeed, I also succeed.

Pay attention to who you keep in your inner circle. You might have some cheerloafters lurking in the shadows.


You think that all of the good ideas are taken

When you start to pursue your passions, you move one more step toward understanding and embracing your purpose in life. When you embrace your life’s purpose, you will also begin to see the world in patterns of abundance. Abundance is a concept that many successful people subscribe to. It opposes the fear-based belief that there is a finite amount of opportunity in the world.

When you start thinking that the possibilites are limitless, there is no such thing as believing that “all of the good ideas are taken”.. I mean how could it be true? There is only ONE version of you! Even if you tried to copy someone else exactly, the end result would still be a new concept as it would be you, (in your flesh) pretending to be some other guy.

Imagine if SamsungĀ  had decided that there was no point in creating their amazing phones because Apple had already taken all of the good ideas when they made the iPhone. It seems silly! Samsung (and android devices over all) have led the market in innovation for years now- just like you will lead your niche with your innovative work for years to come.


If you are still waiting to start, but the reason is not on this list, please leave a comment in the section below. Thanks for stopping by.