Space Art T-shirts

Happy Black History Month!

I’m happy to announce my latest endeavor:


Space Art T-Shirts

Mockup Nebula A2


This new website features my eye catching and unique art on various products printed by Printify. My current focus is t-shirts, and I have plans to expand the product line as demand increases.




Please have a look, and feel free to comment on the designs!



Shades of green and gold acrylic patterns

My latest piece is one that I think would look sublime on clothing.

Shades of green and yellow dance together in a pattern that is outlined in gold.

There is a whimsical aspect to this piece, and as it speaks to me I sense happiness and life emanating from its surface.

My favourite part of this piece (if I had to settle on one), is the way in which each shade of green blends beautifully without causing too much stark contrast. Even the yellow accent areas are mellow.

This is one of my favourite calming pieces. It reminds me of nature, peace, and serenity.

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Black space acrylic with green and silver

My latest piece is entitled “Nights over Algonquin part 2”. It is part of a series I did with a deep-space black background.



The concept was to create a piece where the colours would jump out and create a sense of excitement.

Neon permanent green flows along the bottom of the piece as the dependable earth cradles us. A sea of blue is nestled within the fields of green as well; but, what I enjoy most about this piece is the sky.


In my eyes, the gorgeous blendings and splashings of silver, blue, and pearlescent violet against the deep Mars Black background remind me of an surrealistically neon light. The colours are almost alien, yet still emit a feeling of familiarity. The result is an excitement-filled piece that allows me to discover something new to love about it each time I lay my eyes upon it.

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January Abstracts

My latest piece is warm, golden, azure blue-esque, iridescent and metallic. (The hour that I write this is a very late one, so bear with me.)

This piece is small, yet the impact is big. Deep layers of varying shades of blue act as the backdrop of this work. Looking deeply, one can observe a light sheen of translucent turquoise that has an ever so slight iridescent quality.

The concept of this piece began with a desire to have a richly layered blue foundation for another rich, yet contrasting , metallic gold acrylic pour. I think this piece is another excellent example of the participatory feature of my work. The viewer of the work is the most important decipher-er of what it means. I can tell you what it means to me; however it is only a mere suggestion to the next set of eyes.


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Abstract Bird in Green and Peacock Blue

My latest work is a gorgeous abstract that took on many twists and turns during the creation process.

Title: “The Peacock”
Size: 24 x 13 Inches\\
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Blue green abstract painting that shapes a peacock bird with exuberance.
The peacock is an abstract painting that features bright greens and deep blues. Dark and simple outlines create a delicate shape.


The peacock is an abstract painting that features bright greens and deep blues. Dark and simple outlines create a delicate shape that exuberantly defines a swan like bird.

peacock_2018 (6)

The hazy effect of the background colours preach a style that I hope to revisit one day. I love painting like this, and the gentleness of the colours blending together is so tranquil to practice.

peacock_2018 (3)

I enjoy this area of the painting: there are bright blue splash-like brush strokes over top of a black field reminiscent of water that the proud peacock will splash in.

peacock_2018 (1)

The four sides were painted black to accentuate the colourfulness of this piece. It exists better as a colourful piece with black sides to tone down its presence in a room.



It’s one of my favourite pieces: I see it as an expression of a thought only Stephanie could have. Whether or not that follows in the solipsistic tradition, I am unsure. I try to stay in the middle of the road when it comes to philosophic concepts these days.

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Green and Gold Tropical Abstract Landscape

My latest work is a beautiful, calming, abstract scene.


It is a mere 5 x 7 inches, and is entitled: “Tropical Misty Beach”. It is a haunting scene of a thick mist overcoming golden mountain ranges that can be seen peeking through. Gritty texture formed at the base of the mountain range add depth, and continue on to scatter into the deep blue sea.



As the texture settles into the sea, green colonies of coral are visible, as if they are poking out from the calm tropical sea’s surface. Perhaps for some, the white misty clouds moving across the landscape are more than condensation; their forms mimic spirits on a diaspora across the land. It’s something my imagination created, and I am interested in hearing what your imagination came up with in the comments section.

This piece really moved my sensibilities to feelings of calm and tranquility. My only regret is that I didn’t make this piece larger-perhaps 100 cm x 100 cm. Although I am unsure if bigger would have resulted in better for this abstract style.



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Mountain Abstract Landscape Three Piece Series

During an experimental session of making art canvas, I tried my hand with using thin and lighter weight wood to build small 5 x 7 inch frames. My intention was to design something that had commercial applications; and right now in the online art world it is simple to make small art pieces that can be easily shipped at a minimal cost.


My three piece art series is a cerulean blue and gold set of abstract landscapes entitled:

01 Sea Breeze
02 Sea Breeze
03 Sea Breeze

The first is a rocky scene.




The second has points.



Sea Breexe Acrylic on canvas blue acrylic gold small art Stephanie Konu
Sea Breeze Acrylic on canvas


And the third is simply the sun, alone against the world. I used acrylic texturizer and pouring techniques to layer hues of blue over top other darker hues. The result is a backdrop with uneven colours that look like an abstract sky. “Stephanie’s sky” as I like to think of it.


They are all for sale here on my etsy page.


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