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Things created on canvas, with a brush.

Gold Trident with Black Background

My latest work is a gold trident with a textured surface. The piece is 11 x 14 inches and is entitled: Neptune’s Trident. I started off with a free hand sketch of a 3 pronged shape. Using a ruler to outline the sections, my aim was to ensure a shape that was as “un-lopsided” as possible. Without a symbol to trace, or a rough draft on graph paper it was tricky to conceptualize this shape. Once the shape was sketched on the canvas, I furthered my experimentation with texture by… Read more Gold Trident with Black Background

Blue and Silver Acrylic on Black

My latest 10 x 10 inch // 25 cm x 25 cm piece is an acrylic on canvas, with blue and silver blended over a black negative space. I have been having strong desires to paint with black negative space, (or white), and focusing on depicting experiences that float over darkness like an echo. Deep stuff. What makes the concept special to me, is that I have been able to capture a sweet spot in my backyard garden that with the correct sunlight, my work dazzles! My latest piece depicts… Read more Blue and Silver Acrylic on Black

January Abstracts

My latest piece is warm, golden, azure blue-esque, iridescent and metallic. (The hour that I write this is a very late one, so bear with me.) This piece is small, yet the impact is big. Deep layers of varying shades of blue act as the backdrop of this work. Looking deeply, one can observe a light sheen of translucent turquoise that has an ever so slight iridescent quality. The concept of this piece began with a desire to have a richly layered blue foundation for another rich, yet contrasting ,… Read more January Abstracts

Abstract Bird in Green and Peacock Blue

My latest work is a gorgeous abstract that took on many twists and turns during the creation process. Title: “The Peacock” Size: 24 x 13 Inches\\ Medium: Acrylic on canvas   The peacock is an abstract painting that features bright greens and deep blues. Dark and simple outlines create a delicate shape that exuberantly defines a swan like bird. The hazy effect of the background colours preach a style that I hope to revisit one day. I love painting like this, and the gentleness of the colours blending together is… Read more Abstract Bird in Green and Peacock Blue