Blue and Silver Acrylic on Black

My latest 10 x 10 inch // 25 cm x 25 cm piece is an acrylic on canvas, with blue and silver blended over a black negative space. I have been having strong desires to paint with black negative space, (or white), and focusing on depicting experiences that float over darkness like an echo.

Deep stuff. What makes the concept special to me, is that I have been able to capture a sweet spot in my backyard garden that with the correct sunlight, my work dazzles!

blue and silver acrylic painting with deep black background
Stephanie Konu 2019

My latest piece depicts a somber breath. There is loneliness in the encroaching darkness, and so the heart of the blue ethereal field burns in a white silver light.

blue and silver acrylic painting with deep black background
Stephanie Konu 2019

The silver heart center does, interestingly enough, seem to emerge as a lopsided heart. Or Maybe at least a lung.

This piece has an ultra calming vibe to it. I feel so relaxed when I lay my eyes on it. I am really happy with the deep black background, as I think it brings more focus to the heart of the painting.

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Green abstract blended acrylic

My latest acrylic is a calming green abstract.

The colours gradually change with influences of yellow, slate grey, and blue. The borders are a deeper darker forest green. Dark borders represent an encroaching concern. Something that the light must face and fend off in the very near future.

In the top right corner there is a chartreuse (half way between yellow and green) figure that is reminiscent of a sun. It beams down across the abstract landscape. In the heart of the painting, the green blends take on a shape that to me, resemble a bird with wings that is soaring across the sky.

I imagine the lush forest green as the land below the sun. It’s funny, but until I wrote this post, I had not even noticed that this was yet another abstract sun painting. I suppose some things stay hidden in the mind until a stimuli brings them to the forefront. I enjoy playing with green, and I think that the colour has contributed to my artistic strength.

My current mini gallery of green paintings (pictured above) shows how my artwork goes together. Scenes like this are part of what drive me to create. Green is still my favourite colour, and I will continue to use it regularly in my work.

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Vintage sun painting in acrylic


Creating beauty is what I enjoy spending my time on.

..and of course: I love to share my latest projects with you, here on my blog.

My latest work is a gorgeous and understated acrylic on canvas. It depicts a sun that seems to be glowing against a black sky. Rose gold clouds drift upwards and swirl back into themselves.

When I first completed this 6 x 10 inch piece, my initial response was the vintage illustration feel. It reminded me of an illustration one might see in an old car garage or gas station.

It speaks to me like an echo of a memory…something I can’t quite recall. “Vintage” speaks of the past, but not of any specific person’s past. Could I use the term collective consciousness here?


I used many layers to achieve the “glow” of blue around the orange sun, which was essentially part of the underpainting. It has a size that I like to work with as well, since smaller surface area means more risks with techniques/colours. I definitely like the execution of my latest work.


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Shades of green and gold acrylic patterns


My latest work features shades of green and yellow that dance together in a pattern outlined in gold. It is a small size- 10 x 10 inches.

There is a whimsical aspect to this piece, and as it speaks to me I sense happiness and life emanating from its surface.

My favourite part of this piece (if I had to settle on one), is the way in which each shade of green blends beautifully without causing too much stark contrast. Even the yellow accent areas are mellow.

This is one of my favourite calming pieces. It reminds me of nature, peace, and serenity.

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Black space acrylic with green and silver

My latest piece is entitled “Nights over Algonquin part 2”.  It is part of a series I did with a deep-space black background.



The concept was to create a piece where the colours would jump out and create a sense of excitement.

Neon permanent green flows along the bottom of the piece as the dependable earth cradles us. A sea of blue is nestled within the fields of green as well; but, what I enjoy most about this piece is the sky.


In my eyes, the gorgeous blending and “splashing” of silver, blue, and pearlescent violet against the deep Mars Black background remind me of an surrealistically neon light. The colours are almost alien, yet still emit a feeling of familiarity. The result is an excitement-filled piece that allows me to discover something new to love about it each time I lay my eyes upon it.

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January Abstracts

My latest piece is warm, golden, azure blue-esque, iridescent and metallic. (The hour that I write this is a very late one, so bear with me.)

This piece is small, yet the impact is big. Deep layers of varying shades of blue act as the backdrop of this work. Looking deeply, one can observe a light sheen of translucent turquoise that has an ever so slight iridescent quality.

The concept of this piece began with a desire to have a richly layered blue foundation for another rich, yet contrasting , metallic gold acrylic pour. I think this piece is another excellent example of the participatory feature of my work. The viewer of the work is the most important decipher-er of what it means. I can tell you what it means to me; however it is only a mere suggestion to the next set of eyes.


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Green and Gold Tropical Abstract Landscape

My latest work is a beautiful, calming, abstract scene.


It is a mere 5 x 7 inches, and is entitled: “Tropical Misty Beach”. It is a haunting scene of a thick mist overcoming golden mountain ranges that can be seen peeking through. Gritty texture formed at the base of the mountain range add depth, and continue on to scatter into the deep blue sea.



As the texture settles into the sea, green colonies of coral are visible, as if they are poking out from the calm tropical sea’s surface. Perhaps for some, the white misty clouds moving across the landscape are more than condensation; their forms mimic spirits on a diaspora across the land. It’s something my imagination created, and I am interested in hearing what your imagination came up with in the comments section.

This piece really moved my sensibilities to feelings of calm and tranquility. My only regret is that I didn’t make this piece larger-perhaps 100 cm x 100 cm. Although I am unsure if bigger would have resulted in better for this abstract style.



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Silver, and blue acrylic abstract outer space

“Silver Tiger Nebula”

Acrylic on canvas, 2018.

23x 18 inch

My latest acrylic on canvas is a silvery and eclectic blend of colours that reminds me of a space nebula.

Deeply layered, and complex fields exhibit depth. A black underpainting supports a thick metallic ocean of iridescent silver.

On the outer edges, blue and violet are blended; creating an intense and chaotic scene of the cosmos.

There are so many colours present that the size of this piece does not do it justice.

Finally, the stripes in the lower right quadrant remind me of of a tiger’s paw reaching out and across the nebula. As it reaches, I can only imagine the distances it will cross.

What do you see?

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Electric Yellow Acrylic Abstract on Canvas

My latest painting is a splendid mix of bright yellow, iridescent blue, and white. There is a surge of excitement in this piece, and some mystery as well.


As of yet, this painting is unnamed, which may as well be since I feel like it will have a short time with me as its owner. The eclectic blends and pops of colour on this unnamed work make it ideal for digitizing– a run through on Photoshop would produce some interesting lines that are invisible to the naked eye.

I feel like there is a story being expressed here- the bright yellow is the base layer, excitement and uncontrolled raw delight. The Id.  Over head, clouds of opaque blue close in, partially encompassing our view of the excitement. Protective. Finally, white snow splashes and swirls at parts encroach over it’s lesser layer. Reason and altruism.


A few blue explosions that look mysterious in their origins remind us to expand once in a while.

As always, I love comments!


Gold Coast Abstract Acrylic

My latest 13 inch x 13 inch// 33 cm x 33 cm artwork is an abstract birds-eye-perspective of islands. It is entitled “Gold Coastal”.


The scattering of lush green islands across a deep cerulean blue coastline is pleasing to the eye. It is easy to find relaxation as the eyes travel from island to island; imagining the people, places, and things that live on each one.


I used real 10K gold leaf to emphasize three areas of the archipelago setting. For me, there is always power in trilogy as it carries a deep personal meaning. There are darker shimmering layers throughout the piece to emphasize the complexity of the shoreline. I limited my use of relief in this piece, although I think a bit more texture would have been a good replacement to add grains of detail along the coasts.

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