Mountain Abstract Landscape Three Piece Series

During an experimental session of making art canvas, I tried my hand with using thin and lighter weight wood to build small 5 x 7 inch frames. My intention was to design something that had commercial applications; and right now in the online art world it is simple to make small art pieces that can be easily shipped at a minimal cost.


My three piece art series is a cerulean blue and gold set of abstract landscapes entitled:

01 Sea Breeze
02 Sea Breeze
03 Sea Breeze

The first is a rocky scene.




The second has points.



Sea Breexe Acrylic on canvas blue acrylic gold small art Stephanie Konu
Sea Breeze Acrylic on canvas


And the third is simply the sun, alone against the world. I used acrylic texturizer and pouring techniques to layer hues of blue over top other darker hues. The result is a backdrop with uneven colours that look like an abstract sky. “Stephanie’s sky” as I like to think of it.


They are all for sale here on my etsy page.


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Star Blast in Acrylic on canvas

My latest work is a complex conception of iridescent orange against a dark turbulent sky.

The layers of colour in this piece were difficult to achieve. The richness of colour that I had hoped to achieve is not present in this piece, and to me it looks like it needs more paint.

The concept of this abstract piece is that of a solar flare against a dark space background.


An interesting technique with this piece is the use of fibrous tissue for the sun. I experimented with cotton fibers and molding paste as an adhesive to construct relief lines across the piece. The result is a “realness” to those sections that would not have been possible without creating a raised and textured surface.

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