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Tag: southern ontario

Jaune Tide: Acrylic on canvasĀ 

Spring is nearly here: however in Southern Ontario, that does not always mean it will be warm outside or without snow. The weather has been trite with gloomy over cast and threats of blizzards this week; so I decided to create a piece that would be an antithesis to current moods. I call my latest piece: Jaune (yellow) Tide. I integrated bright yellows, cerulean blues, aqua, and green hues in vibrant splashes on a gallery wrapped canvas. My favourite parts of this piece are the bright expanses of Yellow that… Read more Jaune Tide: Acrylic on canvasĀ 

Southern Ontario Ducks, Geese, and Seagulls

Here is a video clip shot shortly before the snowfall in S.O., (Southern Ontario). As you can see from this short clip, a variety of birds including Canadian Geese (we just call them Geese in Canada), Seagulls, and ducks are chilling at the mouth of a small creek that is fed by/ flows into Lake Ontario on the shoreline. Towards the end of the clip there is a mild kerfuffle between the Geese, but as many Canadians know: they can be very territorial in general and command authority among other… Read more Southern Ontario Ducks, Geese, and Seagulls