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Silky Satin Sissy Dress Slip in Crimson Red

  Continuing from my earlier post, this half slip/ petticoat is crimson in colour and features a beautifully concealed elastic waist band. While making this version, I had to sacrifice on the size of the piece. I wanted to make the waist band around 46 inches, but was only able to make it stretch to a maximum of 42 inches. It still counts as plus size for a lady, but is a bit on the smaller size for sissy costumes. It works as a companion to the champagne coloured slip/petticoat… Read more Silky Satin Sissy Dress Slip in Crimson Red

Silky Satin Sissy Dress Slip in Champagne- Petticoat

  This March: Revisiting my love for textile design My recent design is a champagne colour Satin Dress Slip with cream lace trim. I usually finish my pieces as economically as possible to save on cost and time; but, this time I opted toward beauty by beautifully concealing the elastic waist band. Medium and Large sizes available ranging from 30 – 44 inches. You can visit this listing on etsy here.