Elephant Cushion

Created item
Created item

The elephant excursion. I say excursion because these were a pain in the ass to master and it took much too long.

Inspiration: Soft and plush and interesting.

Let me start by saying one thing: I love statement pieces.

-Love them?


The best way to start a conversation is always by making a statement. I have gone off topic. Here we have a caravan of elephants on a tapestry fabric (12.00 CDN per meter at Fabric Land) backed by “velvet-look” fabric (3.00 CDN per meter also at FL). I sewed them to be quite large (able to accommodate a queen size pillow). Very soft.

This is a cushion I created by taking very soft velvet-like material and an elephant tapestry fabric. These cushions are 100% original in their design and very comfy to relax on.