1A Heart Floats: a poem

A Heart Floats

Sometimes there is no attraction.

Sometimes the eyes do not lock.

Sometimes there is no mutual smile.

No blush, extra heart beat or shock.

A heart floats around life, like in a party,

With a glass, empty, wanting to be filled.

Seeking another heart that holds a bottle of nectar

To be shared between beautiful friends.

In between those times we live.

Often thinking of opportunities missed.

Hoping fate will smile upon us,

allowing the two hearts to be joined again.

Architectural Style in Hamilton Ontario


I have blogged about this topic before, and I will likely reference it again, as I find myself captivated. Hamilton Ontario has a downtown that is very rich in historical context, and this is evident in the edifices and landmarks.


Hamilton, Ontario Downtown


Hamilton, Ontario Downtown

One of the most consistent architectural features seen in Hamilton is the decorative corbel (seen above). They are used to transition an overhanging roof to the side of the building.

Hamilton, Ontario Downtown

This converted residential/ commercial space also features the same style of decorative corbel.

Hamilton, Ontario Downtown
Hamilton, Ontario Downtown

The newly renovated Empire times building on King William at Hughson is another great example of the use of decorative corbels to transition an overhanging roof to the side of the building. This is easily one of my favourite downtown Hamilton designs (until the Templar flats are completed later this year on the west side of this very intersection).

Hamilton, Ontario Downtown


This is a (mid construction) photo of the east side of the Templar Flats construction in downtown Hamilton. I have watched this construction closely over the past few months, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product. I love the mixture of modern innovation and historically themed design (if that makes any sense). Click here to see an earlier blog post where I discuss this topic.


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Streets and Architecture

I snapped this shot on a beautiful November afternoon in Hamilton.
I absolutely am an admirer of the architecture seen here at the tops of this row building. I would assume that this was one large building at some time in the past due to the consistent style of windows, and the continuous use of the same decorative brackets and cornices.

King Street in Hamilton

There are a few locations in Hamilton where this style is experiencing a revival- either that or they are borrowing from the existing style of older buildings (like the one you see above) to create uniformity and identity.

Heritage Building in Hamilton (note the cornices)

This uniformity is something that many other places use to give specific neighbourhoods a unique look and feel. One town that comes to mind is Unionville, north of Toronto. Here are some shots of Unionville buildings:



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**Updates** Images of buildings in downtown Hamilton that illustrate the continuity of the architectural style described earlier. I love that you can find the classic heritage buildings with the style; as well as many new constructions.