Madeira and its Landmarks

Part 8: A Visit to O Lagar Restaurant

East of the condominium in Funchal was a gem of a restaurant called O Lagar Restaurant.

In Canada the day after Christmas is known as Boxing day. In Madiera, it is considered part of the Christmas Holiday. Everyone is still relaxing and visiting their family; and the streets are calm.

We were invited by cousins of my husband to enjoy espetada in a family style dinner. The atmosphere was happy and the decor was festive.

The entrance of the restaurant was styled as a traditional Portuguese Santana house.

This portion of the restaurant served as a museum.

A view into the Santana from the entrance. This traditional style of home is often known as “grandma’s house”.

Notice the very small furniture pieces. A bed, night table, and baby crib. Notice the roof is made from grass like material.

Two mannequins posing in traditional Portuguese dress.

A Beautiful Madeira Wood Table.

The main entrance was decorated to the nines with lively poinsettia plants for the holiday.

A wonderful evening at O Lagar.


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Madeira and its Landmarks


Our visit to Ponta de Sao Lourenco was an inspiring one. There were many sights to see that photographs cannot pay justice to them all.

This North West mountain peak resembled a human face. One with a thick brow and ancient features. I am ambivalent toward inanimate objects that resemble human faces.

Favourite views of pointe da Sao Lourenco

There is a odd feeling that I get from seeing something with relatable features, because I instinctually assign emotions and a made up back story from my imagination.

Favourite views of pointe da Sao Lourenco

Perhaps this face formed in the mountainside upon the first landing of humans to the Isle of Madeira. The Mother Earth was aghast to discover that her secret virgin paradise was now seen for the first time by humans at the point da Sao Lourenco, and the secret would no longer be kept. The storyteller within me continues on with the allegory that I will spare you from for now.

Favourite views of pointe da Sao Lourenco

A land formation resembling a pirate’s cove is another image that I captured on our trip. My imagination is further titillated to think about who may have first been there, and what other stories may have taken place as a result of this inlet from the ocean.

Favourite views of pointe da Sao Lourenco

Favourite views of pointe da Sao LourencoFavourite views of pointe da Sao LourencoFavourite views of pointe da Sao Lourenco

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Madeira and its Landmarks

Part one

This December holiday, we decided to leave the country to a sunny destination. My Partner is Portuguese, so among the list of possible destinations was the beautiful island of Madeira, a territory of Portugal.Skyline: Funchal Madeira- Sao Joao Neighbourhood

While examining what specific areas and towns to visit in this exuberant country, we had considered two places: Funchal and Machico. These locations are very popular for tourists, as well as being locations where my Partner has family living. When possible, it is enjoyable to see a foreign country as the locals do. I know that this is not always possible, but it offers a nice change of pace, scenery, and general attitude toward life for Western born people.

Skyline: Funchal Madeira- Sao Joao Neighbourhood2

We decided to chose our top option and stayed in Funchal, Madeira. This capital city is home to a comfortable condominium apartment in the neighbourhood of Sao Joao, which served us well as our accommodation for our trip.

Our rental car from Madeira Rentals was a sporty car equipped with GPS.

We wisely chose to spend a little extra money on a European Roaming Package for my mobile phone. It cost an extra 90$ on top of my monthly fee, but the amount of headaches that were alleviated by having access to Google Maps was well worth the cost.