Tips For Success in Blog writing #7 on best reads list

My latest publication: “Tips For Success in Blog Writing” is an instant hit.

I wrote this publication to help prospective bloggers to start the blog they have always dreamed of.

In this free ebook offer tips and tricks to get over that first hump of beginning the process.

I show readers that they have the potential do the things they really love, by planning ahead.

This week I am happy to announce that “Tips For Success In Blog Writing” has made it to #7 on’s list of 2019’s Best Books to Read About Blogging.

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Book review of Tips for success in blog writing by Stephanie Konu
Book review of Tips for success in blog writing by Stephanie Konu

I am very happy to have made this ebook and am so pleased to know that it is being enjoyed by others.

Thank you for visiting and come back soon for more educational content!


Adult colouring pages


My latest ebook is an adult colouring book featuring women of colour as the subjects. Using the line work derived from my sketches, I compiled the work into a pdf, and called it “Gorgeous Women of Colour”


thumbnailGorgeous Women of Colour Cover

Although this ebook is available on Etsy, I have made it specially available for visitors of the anieksteph blog for free. Click the image above to link to the download. There is no password on the file, so feel free to enjoy as you desire.


The link will also be available at the top of the page on the home tool bar.

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