Abstract Bird in Green and Peacock Blue

My latest work is a gorgeous abstract that took on many twists and turns during the creation process.

Title: “The Peacock”
Size: 24 x 13 Inches\\
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Blue green abstract painting that shapes a peacock bird with exuberance.
The peacock is an abstract painting that features bright greens and deep blues. Dark and simple outlines create a delicate shape.


The peacock is an abstract painting that features bright greens and deep blues. Dark and simple outlines create a delicate shape that exuberantly defines a swan like bird.

peacock_2018 (6)

The hazy effect of the background colours preach a style that I hope to revisit one day. I love painting like this, and the gentleness of the colours blending together is so tranquil to practice.

peacock_2018 (3)

I enjoy this area of the painting: there are bright blue splash-like brush strokes over top of a black field reminiscent of water that the proud peacock will splash in.

peacock_2018 (1)

The four sides were painted black to accentuate the colourfulness of this piece. It exists better as a colourful piece with black sides to tone down its presence in a room.



It’s one of my favourite pieces: I see it as an expression of a thought only Stephanie could have. Whether or not that follows in the solipsistic tradition, I am unsure. I try to stay in the middle of the road when it comes to philosophic concepts these days.

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DIY Art: bright colour and faces

My latest work is a colourful study of phantom faces.

I wondered what it might be like to draw faces on canvas with India ink, and have them obscured by blended acrylic, like clouds of colourful milk in coffee.

My favourite of the three is this one:


I wanted to capture the feeling of a first kiss. Eyes closed, and embracing the warmth of the moment, with a splash of orange excitement. I hung this 10 x 10 inch piece on the wall near my side of the bed.


The eyes have it all in this piece. The concept is similar except orange represents desire in addition to excitement. The face is nondescript and slightly obscured by green smoke. The varied shades of green in this piece represent renewed interest, ambition, and a slight sense of greed. Though desire exists in the subject’s eyes, there is an element of greed suggested here because the desire is directed somewhere it should not be. This is further supported by the overall obstruction of the phantom face…hidden feelings.


Finally, the last but not the least of my three piece study of phantom faces. In this piece the phantom face has been completely taken over by the hot emotion of attraction. The subject’s face has been totally obscured and only the bridge of a nose and an ear can be seen. I took my time with the application of orange in this piece. I did not want it to bleed and mix into the blue and yellow layers beneath; so I allowed the entire thing to dry completely before adding the final orange layer.

Passion, and excitement: I think my work is moving in a positive direction!

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