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Tag: colour

Acrylic Fire Painting

Happy June! I keep creating, giving away, and dreaming up new art pieces for my collection. As usual, once I commit to something it truly becomes a sort of obsession for me. I have never been the type to become invested in something, to only see it fall by the wayside soon after. If I can’t see myself sticking with a hobby, I prefer to not indulge. (If that makes much sense). This is my latest acrylic piece. I call it “Acrylic Fire”. I will keep experimenting with this medium… Read more Acrylic Fire Painting

A Night Sky With Silver Stars

As abstract as my work has been lately; every time I look at this (one of my latest), I think of the view at night near a lake and a clear starry sky. It is a very small piece (6 x12), but I continue to become lost in it. Thanks for stopping by,   -S

Black Sky: Nebula Acrylic Painting

When I completed this piece, I was sure that I had something special. My nebula perfectly captured the direction I had intended: a light blue swirl, beautiful deep burgundy, complimenting violet fields. The look and feel of space. Thanks for stopping by, -S

Ocean Currents..Acrylic Art

One of my fixations of late, has been to capture my impressions of Earth from the viewpoint of someone looking down from space. Hours spent looking at Google Maps has helped with this (of course). Pictured above is my latest piece: an abstract impression of islands floating in a clear and serene blue sea. Although it is difficult to see in the photo- there is also some slight relief in this piece. You can see slightly raised lines in the shape of a circle. I enjoyed the use and mixture… Read more Ocean Currents..Acrylic Art

Underwater Volcanic Pressure- Acrylic on Canvas

  I have been working with themes lately. I find that having a theme in mind keeps a person like me much more on track. As a creative-type, my process can be wandering due to my constant desire to explore, learn, and try new things. This is my latest work, entitled: “Underwater Volcanic Pressure”     I wanted to capture an imagined view of magma trapped between two giant tectonic plates, by blending blues greens and bright orange with yellow. The size is a bit small at 12 x 24… Read more Underwater Volcanic Pressure- Acrylic on Canvas