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Tag: black art

Gold acrylic triangle with black

My latest 10 x 10 inch// 25 x 25 cm acrylic on canvas continues my study of singular-focused images against black negative space. This piece features a heavily textured triangle shape that is entirely golden. Gold light I took photos of in the light, and so the shine of the black acrylic paint allows the viewer to also see raised texture floating in the blackness. Here (below) is a shot with the brightness turned down, and the contrast brought up to maximum. The painting has a much sexier look with… Read more Gold acrylic triangle with black

Ocean Wave Acrylic 

It took 3 major painting sessions (including many hours) to “get” this.  It’s an ocean wave. I’ve abstractly expressed the splashing and there is a strong water theme. There is lots of relief and texture present in this small 6 x 12, and it had a presence that leaps off of the canvas.  That’s all for now!  -S