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Tag: aqua

Sunflower TOO abstract acrylic

I don’t love this piece (speaking honestly). although  I had very reasonable intentions, it did not turn out as I had expected. I am a harsh and rigid critic of my own work. I think that it is important to appreciate your good and bad pieces as an artist. It is a part of any journey to becoming something: learning from your mistakes and planning out what to do better next time. It will be a great feeling to cover up some of these with gesso. thanks for stopping by,… Read more Sunflower TOO abstract acrylic

Acrylic Fire Painting

Happy June! I keep creating, giving away, and dreaming up new art pieces for my collection. As usual, once I commit to something it truly becomes a sort of obsession for me. I have never been the type to become invested in something, to only see it fall by the wayside soon after. If I can’t see myself sticking with a hobby, I prefer to not indulge. (If that makes much sense). This is my latest acrylic piece. I call it “Acrylic Fire”. I will keep experimenting with this medium… Read more Acrylic Fire Painting

Haze: acrylic art on canvas

This is one of my latest pieces in acrylic on canvas. I enjoy the use of colours like blue, violet, nude/peach, greys and gold. The execution of this piece reminds me of an airbrush technique, as we see a very slight blending of the fields into one another. The violet acts as a dark body within which I was able to play some texture and relief into. I think that my style is evolving; an idea that is evident in this work. I am very excited to see what I… Read more Haze: acrylic art on canvas