Silky Satin Sissy Dress Slip in Champagne- Petticoat


This March: Revisiting my love for textile design

My recent design is a champagne colour Satin Dress Slip with cream lace trim.

I usually finish my pieces as economically as possible to save on cost and time; but, this time I opted toward beauty by beautifully concealing the elastic waist band.

Medium and Large sizes available ranging from 30 – 44 inches.

You can visit this listing on etsy here.

Bam! Sexy aprons on model chicks!

Gladiatrix apron- modeled by Kamilla

Both designs are available in my LillyBoChic store on Etsy!

Model- Kamilla Koral ECE
Throwback to an early LBC apron modeled by yours truly

My dear friend helped me model a few of my apron designs- and honestly, the product shows so much better on a real person, as opposed to a mannequin. I will definitely continue to use models, and I will try to actively recruit friends and family for this.