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The Black Widow

This Christian Louboutin inspired apron is both sexy and traditional at once.   “Plush black material is lined by smooth crimson to create a peekaboo styled apron. On one side it is a black apron; on the other it you a glimpse of a daring red lining. Very innocuous, and very sexy.” White cotton frills line the top and bottom to finish this apron off with a traditional French Maid style. Visit the listing at by clicking [here].  

Hollywood Charm

Embrace old Hollywood style in this apron inspired by 1940 style. This apron features a body made from 100% Japanese silk with an original pink bamboo pattern.   “This is the most original apron of this style that you will find anywhere. The heart shaped body is simply sweet, and is given a daring sexy accent with black French lace. Silky bottoms? Yes please! This apron/costume finishes to smooth and is lovely to wear. Visit to see the listing [here].

Aprons to Costumes…then Lingere? 

AUTUMN  Autumn is always a special time of year for me. I enjoy the mild temperatures, the promise of exciting news from the previous season’s adventures, and of course delicious hot drinks.  I’ve started designing costumes again, and I’m branching out into more diverse and experimental patterns. I am definitely considering fashion illustrations (in my shaky hand) to accompany my costumes.  I think there is something to be said about the conceptualization  of a design before it’s full actualization. When something is fully thought out and consideration is given to… Read more Aprons to Costumes…then Lingere?