Lilac Flirty Cushion

Lilac cushion Back of lilac cushion

Experimental Fabric Design

Inspiration: A lazy woman’s haute couture

This was always meant as a throne piece accent cushion. In my opinion there should only ever be one of these in any bedroom or setting-unless the setting or bedroom also encompass a vast square footed area that can support multiple attention drawing areas. This piece is flirty and allows to be tossed on to the floor or pounced across the room. I also love the colour.

Elephant Cushion

Created item
Created item

The elephant excursion. I say excursion because these were a pain in the ass to master and it took much too long.

Inspiration: Soft and plush and interesting.

Let me start by saying one thing: I love statement pieces.

-Love them?


The best way to start a conversation is always by making a statement. I have gone off topic. Here we have a caravan of elephants on a tapestry fabric (12.00 CDN per meter at Fabric Land) backed by “velvet-look” fabric (3.00 CDN per meter also at FL). I sewed them to be quite large (able to accommodate a queen size pillow). Very soft.

This is a cushion I created by taking very soft velvet-like material and an elephant tapestry fabric. These cushions are 100% original in their design and very comfy to relax on.

Quiche V


Quiche V

Inspiration: A bacon net lacing into one solid layer of bacon on the bed of the entire quiche. Wall to wall bacon they say.

A last remnant of the age of quiches. I used to make quiches all the time, until I realized that people can only eat so much quiche. The crust here is made with veggie shortening which makes for a nice crisp crust; however not the best in taste. Filled with a four egg cream mixture and garnished with whole spinach leaves- this babe baked at 350 Degrees for roughly 25 minutes depending on how stiffy you want your eggs.

Bacon wrapped

Bacon wrapped

Man Bites-

Inspiration:  Pub fare

We took Yukon potatoes and quartered them in a microwave safe dish. The potatoes were microwaved on high for 13 minutes to  give them a start before wrapping them in bacon and garnishing with pepper and an orange pepper. Broil on high, (or super-duper high for electric oven users) and your Man Bites will be ready once all bacon is deliciously and fully cooked-ly over the potatoes. Be sure to nearly (but not all the way) cook your potatoes in the microwave. The broiling stage is to cook the bacon, and any attempt to cook the potatoes further on this stage may result in burnt bacon.