New Machines with Old Dreams

My take on a classic half apron with blue frilly edging. This one was tough, because the seams have a border on the opposite side made from a bright multi-coloured print. It took a lot of patience to get everything lined up.

I’m getting better every day and learning new techniques- conversely, sewing helps me stay focused on my life. Each stitch that helps to form a straight line reassures me that the end product will be beautiful if I just keep the needle on the right path. I can sit quietly and put my mind to a task that will (hopefully) result in something good. Right now I’m working on a sheer dress that will be photographed as part of my portfolio. The colours are different (conservatively speaking) but it fits a style that similar to my own – (understated, but very sexy).
I am excited to use my new machine that makes folds in narrow fabric so that you can easily press straps in about 25 mm widths. It makes working so much easier when one has all of the right tools. I can now make straps for an apron in about 10 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes without the tool. I made four straps last night—and was able to complete two aprons that I began production on earlier in the day! (I realize how nerdy it sounds to write passionately about sewing)

But who cares how it sounds! Write, speak, and live what you love! What else would you rather do?


The Sun Who Loved the Girl

I read a story once- in a comic book- about a beautiful woman who lived on a planet that was on the verge of technology that would take its people to an entirely new plateau of existence. They would soon evolve to become advanced beings, and so, the lord of the dream world fell in love with this beautiful woman who lived on this planet. In this story, he took this woman as his lover- and in the beginnings of their courtship, took her to a gathering in another realm.

This gathering was attended by other magnificent beings-including the manifestation of her planet’s Sun. She did not know who he was at first, but felt as though she had known him her entire life. The story concludes with the Sun declaring that he had loved her, her entire life, and that he watched over her and kept her warm from afar. And, that if she would have him, he would love her forever more. Sadly for the king of dreams, she accepted, and the two left the gathering together to be as one.

I find this type of romance to be the most alluring. Longing, devotion, declarations. Not to mention the idea of someone loving you from afar. If these things happen in real life, they are hardly ever admitted to- and if they are, a restraining order usually follows. It seems as though few people open their heart. I know that there is so much hurt in the world- and that if you open your heart some of the bad things may enter just by chance. So we close ourselves off. We harden. We brick each other off with each breath so that we may protect our inner selves from the cold grasp of sadness and hurt.

I wonder if there is a way to keep an open heart, but still remain protected? 

Quiche Revisitied

Quiche Revisitied

Another item I baked last night- a mushroom, onion and cheese quiche. I haven’t baked a quiche in over a year (see earlier posts), so I was pleasantly surprised with how well this one turned out. For the crust, I used white flour, salted butter, and kneaded the dough by hand (which I find is the most effective as opposed to using my mixer).
I tried a different technique for the filling- instead of chopping the ingredients and beating them together with the egg and milk mixture, I blended them together in my magic bullet to achieve a smoother, more “pureed” consistency. It turned out extremely well!

The Great Upheaval

The Great Upheaval *update*

I got the chance to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario’s exhibit featuring works of Picasso, Kandinsky, and Franz on Tuesday and I must open by saying, that I did not enjoy it. I found many of the works to be stilted, boring, and reminiscent of art deco (which I am not a huge fan of). I found that the works were not my taste- I am sure that the Guggenheim considers them as masterpieces but I definitely do not agree.

I spent 45 minutes in the exhibit, and wandered to other areas of the gallery. Honestly, the entire trip was saved by my visit to the basement of the gallery where the Thompson Family’s collection of scale model ships are kept. I like miniatures, and so the detail of these high end models was exceptionally pleasing to the eye. I have some photos to post, although the lighting in the exhibit was low, and all models were encased in glass (so there is a lot of glare).


Summer Projects

I’ve had a lot of time to work on hobbies in the past few weeks. A friend of mine works in Early Childhood Education, so we are collaborating on a few children’s toys and costumes.

IMG_2072 IMG_2073
Its a mermaid skirt for playtime. The waist is elastic and the fabric is a plastic-like polyester. Stain resistant.

IMG_2075 IMG_2074
This Chinese new year fabric-end was a puzzle for me for a few days. It was a section of fabric that was not shaped well enough to really make anything with, until I saw an idea for a vest in a book I borrowed from the library. It is child sized, so tiny arm holes and a little button accent at the neck were quite simple to install.